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Considering this is not a fandom fic and I don't want to spoil anything, I don't really have any kind of "short summary" that you're used to with my other fics at the beginning of them or each of the chapters. So there's not gonna be any of that, I'll just give you the fic right away. Few paragraph here and the rest under the perex, as you're used to.
If there's anything worth warning you about, I will do a warning thing, but otherwise there will be nothing of the sort.

Harvard-Westlake School is one of the best schools in LA. No, scratch that - it is the best school in LA. Alexander Fitz wouldn't take anything less for his kids.
Blaire Fitz is a perfect daughter in a lot of ways. She cares for her father deeply, she's popular among her classmates and she even tolerates her half-brother, who has the annoying habit of crashing at hers and daddy's house during his weekends and holidays instead of going back to his mother. She is a kind, giving girl.
Sure, part of her popularity is due to her looks. Bright red hair, blue eyes and wicked smile are enchanting not only for high school boys. Plus, she jogs daily, she takes dancing classes as a part of her school PE and her best friend drags her to all sorts of events so her body is as fit as any model's. She's aware of her looks and she loves being young, slim girl.
But still, she is a kind girl.
So why does Mr. Santorski hate her so much?!
"He gave me a C!"
"Well, Blaire, you haven't exactly prepared for the debate on Vietnam war."
Victoria Rosenheim has been Blaire's best friend since Ri's father was an agent for Blaire's mother. They played together when her mother was shooting one of her movies and became very close when her mother died when they were only nine years old.
Victoria isn't slim in the same way Blaire is. Her body is muscled, but not overly so, she is tanned and strong, taller than Blaire, with long, dark hair, brown eyes and bright smile. She is energetic, constantly in motion and the most optimistic girl Blaire's ever met.
Now however Blaire gives her best friend a hard look.
"I'm the best at debates!"
"Your only argument in Edward v Jacob thing was that Edward is played by Robert Pattison."
"Oh shut up, Ri."
"Plus, C's not that bad. My only class with Santorski he almost gave me a D."
"How did you make him cave?"
"We were his first class here, so he agreed not to count our worst grade plus I wrote a voluntary essay."
"I'm not doing that."
"Yeah, that's so surprising. I heard the college kids are making a party this Friday. You think Aaron could get us in?"
"Please, I can get us in," she rolls her eyes. "But first I need to figure out how to change Santorski's mind."
"Have you tried talking to him about extra credit?"
Blaire gives Victoria her last eyeroll before both of them have to go their own way - Blaire to her French class and Victoria to her history class. Blaire still thinks she's lucky for not having Santorski as her history teacher this semester.
"What makes men happy?"
"In my experience? Blow jobs."
Once again she rolls her eyes while sitting on the couch next to her brother. She reaches for the remote and changes the channel on TV.
Aaron is technically only her half-brother, but they both got the bright ginger hair from their father's side of family. That's where their similarities end, though. Where her physique is slim, he is a little bit bulky, still a little round even while working out. His face is rounded where hers is long, his eyes are deep brown and his smile is a little crooked, even though he had his teeth straightened in his teenage years. He knows how to clothe himself, but right now he's wearing just his PJs and an old shirt from Disneyland.
"Hey! I was watching that!"
"Who cares what's happening in Africa?"
"That was Middle East and my geopolitics professor does."
"Why do you even take that class? Aren't you a law student?"
"I'm undergraduate and Jess takes that class."
"You still dating her?"
"Kinda," he shrugs. Blaire shoots him another glare when he steals the remote, but she knows she can't fight him fairly and win.
"Please tell me it's not some weird sex thing."
"Nope, just your normal friends with benefit arrangement." He grins when she grimaces. "What, you a prude or something?"
"Well, I wouldn't want dad to walk in on me…"
"That was an accident!"
And here, she has her remote back. She sticks her tongue out at him before going back to her cartoons.
"Okay, but seriously. I tried everything!"
"Seriously, try blow jobs. They don't need to be that great to be… appreciated," he wiggles his eyebrows at her. She giggles and elbows him.
"He's my teacher, you pervert."
"Happened before, or so I heard," he shrugged.
Blaire pretends to puke, before she actually thinks about it. Then, she smiles wildly at her brother.
"Thank you, big brother."
"Hey! I was joking! You're not allowed to have sex until college, young lady."
"Now you're talking like our dad."
"Yeah, cause if I don't I will be the one celibate. For the rest of my life."
Mr. Santorski isn't exactly ugly. He's probably over thirty, but he wears stylish clothes that hint at muscled body under it. His hair is dark and short, his eyes bright green and he wears stubble so well Blaire's sure at least four of her classmates are in the class only for him. He's not really Blaire's type, but she can see the appeal.
But she wouldn't go so far to try to set him up with her classmates. If only she knew some suitable woman…
There was the PE teacher, but there were rumors about her and the waitress from the café across the street. The English teacher was married for like a month, so there was no chance there. The science teacher is almost fifty and as much as she needs to get Santorski laid, she wouldn't do that, either.
And then there is miss Smith. She's young, this is her first year in the school and she's quickly gaining a reputation of making math actually interesting. Plus, she's not exactly hard to look at, either. She's short, her clothes are more comfortable than chic, but Blaire can see the appeal. She has light brown hair, brown eyes, round face and warm smile. She mostly wears jeans, shirts and cardigans, which makes her look gentle and approachable.
Now, she just needs to figure out how to make the two of them meet accidentally out of school. And get them together. All before daddy will want to see her report card.
She is snapchatting with Ri about her outfit for school when daddy calls her. He's on a big case so he's mostly not home. Even now he's obviously rushing - he's tying his tie and has a light breakfast on the table in front of him that obviously wasn't done by him. Blaire frowns, takes the coffee and instead pours him a juice. Coffee isn't good for his blood pressure and Aaron knows it, damn it!
"What is that?" her daddy nods towards some papers right next to his breakfast. Blaire looks at them, frowning once more.
"Second notice…? I don't remember getting the first notice!"
"The ticket is the first notice!" Daddy sighs and she bites her lip. She knows she shouldn't get any ticket considering her daddy is DA and as such he needs a good reputation. But it's not like she does it on purpose. She's still learning, she has a right to do some mistakes, right? "You're not driving alone anymore. I want an adult with you in car in every situation. And Victoria doesn't count as an adult."
"But daddy!"
"That's all I have to say on the matter. Now I have to go."
"No, you don't!" Aaron is only in his jeans and his hair is still wet, when he bursts to the kitchen. "I haven't made the breakfast just for you to not eat again. Blaire, say something!"
"Aaron's right, daddy. Have you eaten yesterday? Like at all?"
"Now, kids, who's the father there?"
"I don't know, why don't you tell me? And where's my coffee?"
Blaire gives him back his coffee while still trying to bully her daddy into eating something. She knows how he gets when he's too deep in a case so she doesn't feel that bad about it. Between her and Aaron they get him to eat half of the breakfast Aaron did for him before he has to get going. At least she gets breakfast out of it - Mel might be the cook of the house, but Aaron's cooking is still pretty good. Plus, Mel doesn't come in until afternoon to cook them dinner.
Okay, I'm definitely going with this, comes suddenly a snap of Ri in skinny jeans with a crop top with Batman's symbol. That reminds her that she needs to finish her outfit and head to school. Plus, now she doesn't even have a car! If only she knew someone who didn't have anything to do and could make sure she makes it to the school in time…
"I need a ride."
"And I need a sister who actually can knock, what's your point?"
"Half sister, loser. I need a ride to school."
"You could always ride a bus."
"Yeah, as if. Come on."
"Fine, but I need to get to campus asap, so we're taking my Dodge, not your Jeep."
"Whatever," she rolls her eyes. "You ready?"
He just stares at her for a moment before looking at himself. He's still half naked (and now she can see his tummy and hey - she told him not to eat the whole pizza!), because he's been packing instead of dressing himself.
"Fine," she sighs. "Five minutes!"
"You're giving me orders, miss five second notices on a ticket?!"
"You gave them to daddy?"
"No, that would be the postman's job. I just told him about them when I gave him the breakfast. You ate your half of it?"
"What do you mean my half of it?"
She might bitch a lot about Aaron living more with them than with his mom and about him only being her half brother, but really, he makes mornings more bearable.
"Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, but thy eternal summer shall not fade," reads Victoria out loud with a slight smirk. "Okay, that sounds old."
"Hey, it's like a thing, okay? A romantic thing," replies Blaire, before she takes the note and gives it to miss Smith's message box along with a single rose.
"Where did you find it?"
"Tumblr," she shrugs, before hurrying away before anyone can see them anywhere near the box. They did type it and gave it anonymously, but still.
"Okay, so what's your next move?"
"Not sure. Come here." She stands so they can see miss Smith walking down the halfway. "You think I should like… give her some fashion tips?"
"Nah, looks like she has her fashion figured out. Not much you can do here. Plus, it obviously works for her, she's cute in it."
Blaire stashes that information for later use - she has no time to wonder about her best friend's orientation, especially considering Ria doesn't look bothered by it.

"Let's hope Santorski agrees with you, then."

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