Clueless 2

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Miss Smith looked thrilled by the note. She was definitely interested.
Now she only needs to make sure Mr. Santorski knows about Ms. Smith and that he takes interest. And Bailey has a plan.
It's one of the last classes of the semester, so Mr. Santorski is doing review of tardies. Of course he is. He hates them, but considering his class is the first one in the morning, he's mostly willing to not let them affect the grade. Sure, for that to happen you can't have over fifty of them like Bryan.
"Miss Fitz," he says and Blaire straightens in her chair. "You have two tardies."

"I object, Mr. Santorski." It takes a minute, but when he looks up he looks amused.
"Yes, miss Fitz?"
"Do you recall the dates of the alleged tardies?"
Santorski raises an eyebrow and… yes, Bailey can see the appeal. But still, he could be her… well, not father, but probably an uncle.
"One of them was last Tuesday."
"But that's just not fair, Mr. Santorski. I was just riding my cotton pony, so I needed to use a toilet."
"Well," licks Santorski his lips, "do you have a note from the nurse confirming your ladies' problems at that date, miss Fitz?"
Bailey's smile freezes on her lips. Officially they need to go to nurse for that, but nobody before asked for a note. Male teachers are generally too embarrassed and the female ones too understanding.
"Do you have any eyewitnesses for your claim?"
Now she's sure she's all red in the face.
"Then, miss Fitz, the two tardies stand. Surely you understand that I can't excuse every tardy any girl asks me to just because she's a lady and can hide behind her monthly problems."
"Yes, Mr. Santorski."
And there goes her plan. Damn that man!
"Seriously? That was your plan? Telling him your teacher complimented him?"
Aaron is laughing so hard he has to set the bowl full of popcorn on the table in front of them. They are watching some action movie he bullied her to as a compromise when she wanted to watch project runaway while he wanted to watch some even worse action movie. This one at least has Colin Firth in it.
"What's wrong with that?" she pouts while braiding her hair. "At least he'd found she exists."
"They're both teachers at the same school. I'm sure he knows she exists."
"Then what the hell am I supposed to do?!" she pushes her braid away angrily.
"What about nothing? What gives you the right to even do that?"
"It's called matchmaking and it's not so rare, you know."
"In TV."
"Oh please, I matchmake all the time."
"Like… Kathy and Tim. They were together for whole two months."
"Two months! Oh, what a miracle. And shush, now's the Colin Firth scene."
Blaire is kinda bored with the movie, but Colin Firth is always worth it. She and her brother usually don't agree on which male celebrity is the new hot one, but Colin Firth is someone they can both agree on and can always watch if they don't find anything else they both want to see.
"Seriously, sis. Why don't you ask him about voluntary essay or some work for extra credit?"
She crosses her arms and doesn't talk to him for whole ten minutes after that.
He has never understood. Her talent of persuasion is the only thing she has next to fashion. And every girl in Harvard-Westlake School has fashion.
Her school is situated in a great part of the city and is big enough so part of the complex is a beautiful garden. Pupils like to take their lunch there and even teachers like to sit around on the benches across the complex when they have free periods.
"So, what's the plan?" asks Victoria when she finally makes it from the locker room. While Blaire likes to move like any other girl their age she doesn't get why Victoria choose three PE classes that semester. She barely has any time for anything else and her parents aren't happy. But that's not Blaire's problem.
"I made coffee," she shakes with the thermos in her hand. "Come on, let's give it to Santorski."
"I thought you only buy coffee for yourself."
"Yes, I do, but Aaron likes to have coffee before leaving the house, so we have this brand home that's supposed to be really good. Mr. Santorski," she smiles brightly at her teacher. He looks weary, but nods in her direction.
"Good afternoon, miss Fitz. What can I do for you?"
"Actually, Mr. Santorski, I was thinking about doing something for you," she replies cheekily. "I was in hurry today, because I didn't want to be late for your class," she still didn't forgive him for the thing with tardies, "so I picked the wrong thermos - instead of my tea I grabbed daddy's coffee. Do you like coffee, Mr. Santorski?"
"Well, not from this cafeteria, but yes, I like coffee." He seems amused, if little tired.
"Well, would you like this?" she extends the thermos in his direction. He looks at her for a while before taking the thermos. "You can take it on some bench here on fresh air. Look, there is only miss Smith."
"I'm sure she would enjoy a cup, too," adds Voctoria with a smile.
"Oh, no," laughed Santorski. "I'm sure any teacher would pay in gold for a decent cup of coffee here, but I'm not giving anyone any part of it, if it's half decent. Thank you, miss Fitz, it's really nice of you. I'll see you tomorrow morning - on time, I hope."
"Well, that didn't work out."
"Shut up," murmurs Blaire. Victoria just laughs. "Seriously, I'm out of ideas."
"And time."
"Seriously, Ri. Shut up."
For all that Aaron claims to be independent and living in dorms, he spends an awful lot of time at their home.
"Could you do any more mess?" Blaire scrunches her nose as she comes into the kitchen. Aaron has music busting loudly and an apron on. He looks ridiculous in a pink apron with white spots, but it was a gift from Blaire. Sure, it was supposed to be a gag gift, but she likes that he actually uses it when he cooks in the house.
"And that's all the thanks I get for saving your ass for giving Mel a free day when dad's got an important guest coming for dinner?" He flicks water at her and she shrieks.
"Daddy didn't tell me in time!"
"Oh, he did. You were just texting with Vic."
"Texting? Who's even texting nowadays?"
"So what were you doing?"
"You weren't talking out loud."
"Yeah, because we were writing to each other."
"That's chatting, isn't it?"
She rolls her eyes and picks up a ringing phone.
"Fitz residence," she sing-songs into the phone.
"Hi, sweetie. Is Aaron there?"
She snaps her eyes back to Aaron, who starts shaking his head the moment he recognizes the voice in the phone.
"Sorry, Natalie. Have you tried the dorm? Or that weird frat house he was so fascinated with during his last visit."
Okay, that was during Christmas and she knows that ended when Aaron found out Tyler was not only in the closet, but outright homophobic in public. But Natalie not only doesn't know that, but she also doesn't know about him being here all the time.
Natalie sighs into the phone, but Blaire doesn't feel that guilty about lying to her.
"Next time you talk to him can you tell him to call me? He's not answering my calls."
"Sure, will do. Bye, Nat."
"Thanks," smiles Aaron awkwardly at her before going back to preparing meat for dinner.
"So, what's up with that? You got a new dad?"
"Yeah," he snorts. "He's only slightly older, but thinks that he can talk into my life just because he married mum. I mean - he's a manager at Starbucks. And he treats his employees terribly!"
"What does Nat says to that?"
"Have you met my mum?" he snorts. "She doesn't exactly care about people serving her."
Blaire makes a face at that before snatching a carrot from a pile of vegetables Aaron has prepared for later.
"Anyway, enough of my mother's drama. How's your matchmaking doing?"
"Don't. Even. Ask," she sighs dramatically. "I gave him coffee and got Ri to like…indicate that miss Smith would like some, too."
"Indicate?" Aaron smirks at her.
"My word for the day!" she smiles brightly at him. "Anyway - he absolutely refused to share the coffee. And I even got it myself."
"You mean like buy it from Starbucks? You do know coffee in Starbucks is not really a coffee, right?"
"No, asshole, I made it myself."
"You don't have coffee here."
"But you do."
"You made him my coffee?!"
"Please, as if you have limited amount of it. Mel always buys it before we can run out."
"Yeah, but still. It's my coffee."
"Whatever, freak. But what am I supposed to do?!"
"What about more clichés? See-through shirts, double dates, anonymous notes."
"Ew, I can't go on a double date with my teachers. And what do you think I am? I already tried anonymous note. But the shirt is a good idea."
"I was mocking you."
"Thanks, Aaron."

"Don't make your teacher's shirt see-through! He might end up hating you even more!"

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