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Clueless 19

30. června 2017 v 12:00 | Sandra |  Clueless
Aaron hates his stay back at home. Hates it.
He can watch TV just like at dad's, but with no Blaire he finds it quite boring. Jordan's home during the day sometimes too and he also wants to watch TV and there's no bickering with him about it, there's only fighting. And as much as Aaron hates fighting, he hates Jordan almost more. That asshole has been working in Starbucks since his high school graduation and the only reason why he's a manager is because he can sweet talk costumers and is a jerk to employees. And Aaron hates people like this.
He can't really call with Michael because he doesn't want Jordan or mum to overhear. They text a lot, but he tries not to do it all the time around them. They don't really go on dates, because Michael's finishing most of his classes so there's lots of extra work and people asking for another chance and he doesn't really have the time for anything else nowadays.

Clueless 18

28. června 2017 v 12:00 | Sandra |  Clueless
They go to beach that Saturday. And they're not alone.
Aaron tries to talk Jess and Sabih to joining them, but Jess needs to write most of her essays that weekend and Sabih is already in his textbooks for the finals. So it's just him, Michael and Michael's high school friend, Tony. Was Michael that nervous when they went to the club?
"Hey," Michael smiles at him from where he's standing with some guy in neoprene who's shaking off water from his almost shoulder-long hair. He's looking like any hipster ever with his beard and long hair and from what Aaron can see he's nicely toned. There are muscles under his neoprene so Aaron guesses this is not really his first time surfing. But Michael next to him is only in swimming shorts, showing his toned, slightly hairy chest and his long neck and his smile… Aaron smiles. "I was thinking that you bailed on me."

Clueless 17

26. června 2017 v 12:00 | Sandra |  Clueless
When the alarm goes off, Aaron's head explodes. And what the fuck, did drunk him seriously think that alarm was a good idea? But then his blanket moves and there's silence and shit, did he go home with someone yesterday?
It takes him a few tries to open his eyes and then a few seconds to remember everything.
He's lying in Michael's bed, wrapped around him and squeezing him tight. He's butt naked, but he's not sore and doesn't really feel dirty the way he did waking up a few times after a drunken hook up. But his head does hurt and he does feel nauseous.
"How you feelin'?"
Michael's practically whispering, yet Aaron still winces, closes his eyes once more and burries his face in Michael's chest.
"Not so good, then." This time Michael does whisper. Aaron grumbles.
"'at happened?" His voice is rusty and his throat hurts.
"Nothing." Michael presses him closer to himself and Aaron cuddles even closer. "We danced, drank, you drank some more and around one we went home. Sorry about the alarm clock, but I really need to get up now."
"No. You make a great pillow."
"Come on, babe. I need to get to work."
Aaron moans lightly, but he lets Michael go. The moment Michael's gone he hugs his pillow and goes right back to sleep.
The next time he wakes up, the throbbing in his head is slightly less hurting, but his mouth feels like a desert where someone died. He opens his eyes carefully and just blinks, surprised when he notices that the curtains are closed and the room is dark. He's not sure but he could swear that there was light the last time he woke up.
He looks around for a clock and instead finds a glass of water and Tylenol on a bedside table closer to him. He takes the pill and drinks the whole glass before collapsing right back to bed, brings his blanket up to his chin and cuddles into it.
He doesn't fall asleep again, just gives the pill enough time to act. He thinks about Michael, then listens carefully to the quiet apartment and then squirms guiltily. He's sure Michael's in school right now. He let Aaron sleep his hangover in his apartment, his bed!, while he had to go to work. All because Aaron wanted to celebrate on a weekday.
After a while, when the throbbing in his head is still uncomfortable, but not really painful anymore, he gets up and goes to the bathroom. He cleans his face and reaches for a towel before noticing the post-it note on the mirror.
The red towel's clean. Take a shower, it'll make you feel better. Good morning, sunshine!
Aaron snorts, but listens to the note. He knows he's gonna feel better, he just wasn't sure how much he could intrude. But Michael did leave him alone in his home, so he supposes it's not really intruding.
The moment he steps out of the shower the throbbing in his head is almost completely gone and he's suddenly hungry. He had dinner last night, but since then nothing. Or so he assumes, because he remembers just bits and pieces from last night - dancing with Jess, making out with Michael, dancing with the whole group, then some other guys, then heavy make-out with Michael and a lots and lots of drinking.
He wraps the towel around his hips before heading to the bedroom. He needs to start looking for his clothes somewhere, right? It's not as bad as he feared, because all of his clothes are in a pile on the second night stand with his phone on top of it. There wait some texts for him. Most of them are Sabih complaining about his early morning lab time and the fact that he was awake most of the night, looking out for Jess. She texted him only once, close to 5AM, moaning about dying. He ignores both of those texts, but answers to Blaire.
What the hell did you do to him? He's late!
Does he look hangover? If so then you're welcome. If not I need him to tell me his secrets
He might be exaggerating a little, he's actually not sure how much Michael drank yesterday and he's pretty sure that it was less then him, but still.
Under his phone there's a note.
Can't find your boxers, so it's either commando or second drawer on the left
He smirks when he sees it and goes to said drawer immediately. When he's there, he thinks about looking around into other drawers, but he shakes his head at the idea. He's not gonna snoop around through Michael's things.
He doesn't bother with anything else than the boxers. It's not like someone else is in the flat and he's pretty comfortable with his own body.
Another post-it note is on the kitchen counter, on a pot almost full of coffee.
You're welcome to help yourself. I shopped yesterday so whatever you want you should find here somewhere. Enjoy!
Aaron smiles and pours himself a cup of coffee. He reheats it and then grimaces. When he looks around he sees the pile of post-it notes and a pen on a table in the living room area. He goes fetch it and sticks his own note to the pot.
Your coffee sucks, remind me to bring you mine the next time I'll come over
With that he looks around in the cupboards. He makes himself scrambled eggs and toast and eats it while still standing, quickly drinking his coffee and pouring another one before going back to the bedroom. He finishes putting on his clothes, fires a few texts to Jess, Sabih and Blaire, finishes his second cup and then heads out.
There's another post-it note on the door.
Take the keys and lock behind you. Enjoy your day =o)
Aaron bites his lip, before smiling. He takes the keys, takes the note and hides it behind the one from the bathroom in his wallet.
Sadly, him being accepted to Harvard means more than just a party with his friends and Michael and a happy phone call with dad and Blaire.
"Aaron. I don't really have the time, can't it wait?"
"Sure, mum," he sighs, but he's not really that annoyed. "Call me when you have the time?"
"Sure, sweetie."
And with that the call ends. Aaron groans and slams his head against a wall. He winces when it hurts a little bit more than he expected.
"You look even more miserable than Jess," comes from his side. Aaron snorts.
"Shouldn't you be… somewhere?" Sabih's always supposed to be somewhere. In library when not in class or in lab.
"No, not really. I wanted to check on Jess - the last time I saw her she was here. Have you seen her?"
"No, not really, but I just got here."
"Oh. So it was a hot night, huh?" Sabih wiggles his eyebrows at him. Aaron just snorts.
"I was drunk senseless, asshole. Michael wouldn't do that."
"Oh, you've got yourself a gentleman."
"You bet your ass I did," he winks at him, smiling.
"So, what was that about?" Sabih gestures to his head. Aaron sighs once more.
"Oh. You didn't tell her yesterday?"
"So what did she say?"
"That she doesn't really have the time and will call me later."
"She said that after you told her you got into Harvard?"
"Didn't get that far."
"Your mum is… terrible."
"That's not what you wanted to say." Aaron snorts. He hears what Sabih isn't saying and he completely agrees. She's a bitch.
"You gonna tell her about Michael? You looked serious yesterday."
Aaron sighs and closes his eyes.
"Yeah, I… I think we are. So yeah… I'll probably end up telling her during summer."
"You going to her for the summer?"
"Yeah, I still officially live there. And mum doesn't know about me spending time at dad's. She thinks I'm spending all my time in the dorms, she would probably be pissed that I spend so much time with dad when I hardly ever go home during the semester. Not that she cares that much to have me there, but she hates that I like dad better."
"That's weird, man."
Aaron snorts. His mother isn't weird. She's just really ambitious, career-oriented perfectionist. It would be cool if her perfectionist trait didn't want her to be also a perfect mother. His dad volunteered to take him when they divorced and Claire agreed that they can take care of him, but she didn't want that. And because dad didn't really want to fight, he's stuck with mum as his first caretaker. Practically he's been spending more time with dad since he was thirteen and had his first sexual crisis.
Aaron doesn't really want to go to class that day so he goes to the library to finish three essays that still need to be done. And that way he can text with Michael.
His mum calls two hours later. He asks the girl sitting next to him to look after his things before taking his phone to a booth in one corner of the library.
"Hey, mum."
"Hello, Aaron. So, what did you need?"
"Nothing, really. Just… the acceptance email from Harvard came yesterday."
"Oh. What about the Yale one?"
Aaron rolls his eyes.
"Does it matter? I'm in and I don't really want to go to Yale."
"But Aaron, you shouldn't really close the doors to other possibilities of your life."
"Mum, we talked about this." And now he's frustrated. "I agreed to try Yale in case Harvard didn't work out. But it did and I want to go there."
"But Yale has much better business law."
"Have you thought about me not wanting to do business law?"
"So what, you want to be an underpaid DA like your dad?"
"That underpaid DA has an amazing house and never had a problem with money."
"Yeah, because he married a rich actress." They're both silent for a while. Aaron's really trying not to yell at his mother. "I'm sorry, sweetie, I don't want to badmouth your dad."
"Really? Because you've done nothing else since your divorce. Whatever, mum," he adds quickly before she can say something more. "I'm going to Harvard this September. I'll see you after the end of the semester."
He ends the call before she has a chance to say something more.
He knows she loves him and that she just doesn't know how to tell him. But she never asks what is it that he wants.
He fires a text at Michael.

Finishing last essays before next week's finals. Need to chill this weekend. Any plans?

Clueless 16

24. června 2017 v 12:00 | Sandra |  Clueless
Aaron's a nervous wreck.
There aren't any pressing deadlines or tests now, he's just supposed to prepare for his finals. But he can't pay attention even to this little.
He spent the whole Saturday with Michael and it was the last time that he was actually at ease. He spent Sunday with Blaire, mostly just messing around with their dance dance revolution before going back to his dorms, but even that didn't make him so relaxed.
Since he came back he's been checking his mail every five minutes. It didn't matter if he was talking with Sabih or in one of his classes, he had his phone in his hand all the time.

Clueless 15

22. června 2017 v 12:00 | Sandra |  Clueless
They talk about what Michael was doing for the last few weeks. Aaron knows the basics from their texts, but he wants to know more. He laughs when Michael describes Josh' torture in the form of Kings being out of the Stanley cup run and grimaces when he tells him Tori canceled three times because she was needed in the hospital.
Aaron's interested in what's Michael saying, he really is. It's just that Harvard is supposed to start sending out emails that weekend and he finds himself checking his phone regularly.
"And then Tony suck me off in the bathroom."
"There's no way he's as good at it as I am," Aaron replies, but he can feel his cheeks redden. He is paying attention, okay? You can't be a student without learning to multitask. But he gets the hint and quickly shoves his phone back to his pocket. "Sorry, I don't mean to seem uninterested. So, was Josh pissed enough to leave the two of you alone in the bar?"

Clueless 14

20. června 2017 v 12:00 | Sandra |  Clueless
He doesn't go home for three weeks. First he's preparing for his exams and everything that he needs to do to get to Harvard and then he's mostly trying to recover from all the all-nighters he pulled. Michael's with him on the phone through texts during most of it and he seriously couldn't be more grateful.
On our next date, we're doing whatever you want to do and I'm paying
You seriously don't need to do that
I know. I want to. So? What's it gonna be?
You sure about it?
Absolutely. I'm packing already, gonna spend today with family and I'm all yours for the weekend. So what you wanna do?
Okay, but remember, you wanted it like that. We're going skating

Clueless 13

18. června 2017 v 12:00 | Sandra |  Clueless
Aaron wakes up with Michael's arm around him and his back pressed to Michael's chest. He can feel Michael's morning erection against his butt and he sighs, tired. He might be young and like sex, but he's tired and sore and he's not having sex any time soon.
"Stop wiggling around," comes a grumpy voice from behind him. It's low and rusty and makes Aaron shiver.
"Then get your cock away from me. I seriously can't anymore."
Michael laughs, before pulling away and stretching. Aaron rolls on his belly and smiles tiredly at him. Michael's eyes are gentle when he finally opens them and looks at Aaron.
"But hey, it was worth it right?"
"Oh, yes, definitely. Please tell me you have something edible for breakfast here."
"Hey! My pasta with a cheese sauce is the best."
"Maybe when you don't burn it."
"And whose fault is that?"

Clueless 12

16. června 2017 v 12:00 | Sandra |  Clueless
warnings: anal sex, rimming

Michael's flat is small, so it takes almost no time for them to get to his bedroom. There's only a big bed and a closet in the room, but bed is all Aaron needs at the moment.
Michael pushes him on the bed, but instead of joining him starts to take his trousers off. Aaron quickly gets the idea and sheds his own trousers and socks, but then Michael's back on him, between his legs, almost laying on his chest while kissing him hard and fast. Aaron arches into him before flipping them, so he's straddling Michael's hips.
"How is a history teacher so fit?"
"I jog," smirks Michael. "Don't you?"
"Hate it," answers Aaron absentmindedly while kissing his neck. "Fuck, you smell good."

Clueless 11

14. června 2017 v 12:00 | Sandra |  Clueless
When Saturday comes, Aaron's a mess.
He's home, because he had enough of Sabih's teasing during the week, and he's trying to avoid dad. It's not that hard, considering dad's in his office and doesn't realize this weekend isn't like the last one. Or the one before that.
It's not like he doesn't want dad to know about Michael. It's more that he wants to be sure himself what they are before saying anything to dad. The situation is bad enough without dad fussing about it.
"Hey, Mel," he smiles lightly at the bright-eyed woman. She's been managing dad's house since he moved from mum's house. Thanks to that she's known him since he was six. Back then she was young and new in America. That changed, but Mel stayed the same woman with the no-nonsense attitude. "Have you seen my dark red shirt?" She just raises her eyebrows at him.

Clueless 10

12. června 2017 v 12:00 | Sandra |  Clueless
His morning is long and tiring, with an 8AM class, Jess teasing him about Michael and a test on the book he read during the night. He takes a nap through lunch, then Sabih wakes him up with a lunch. He's not that good cook, so all they have is pasta with ketchup, but hey, it's meal and he has a lot of it. He's hungry, the only thing he got for breakfast was coffee, okay?
"I always fall for the 'after midterms we're free until finals' crap," sighs Sabih when he looks at the new books he got from the library.
"We're fools," grins Aaron at him, before checking his phone.
"Some of us bigger than others," grins Sibah at him. Aaron rolls his eyes, but before he can open his mouth Sabih continues. "I know, I know, shutting up now. Aren't you supposed to pick up your sister in about an hour?"
"Shit, you're right."

Clueless 9

10. června 2017 v 12:00 | Sandra |  Clueless
When he arrives at the party, it looks like almost everyone has a good time.
First he checks on Blaire, because that's a natural thing to do by now. She's dancing with Tyler, which is good. Maybe he really was just entertaining himself while waiting for Blaire. Or swinging both ways, which, yeah, Aaron is the last person to judge for that.
He looks around and sees more of Blaire's classmates. There's Victoria, for once, but she's too absorbed in her dance to really notice him. He doesn't know which one of the familiar faces is Justin and to be honest, he's glad for it. But then there's a face he actually recognizes.

Clueless 8

8. června 2017 v 12:00 | Sandra
Aaron doesn't really have time to spend it with his sister. He checks with her a few times via text to make sure she's okay after the attempted rape, but otherwise than that he just doesn't have the time. He's graduating and trying to get to Harvard law. So really, all he does these days is study, sleep and eat.
And text Michael. Maybe. All the time. When Michael isn't teaching at the moment (he's surprisingly professional at these moments) or one of them isn't asleep it's almost constant.
Aaron isn't sure how it happened. At first it was to say thank you, then it was a few comments now and again about their day. Now it's almost constant, few comments about their friends, classmates or pupils, family and even arguing about movies, music or TV shows. And Aaron is actually enjoying himself most of the time.

Clueless 7

6. června 2017 v 12:00 | Sandra |  Clueless
Once they get home Blaire heads right to shower. Aaron sits down at the couch and turns on TV. It's on some news channel (dad probably had it on while preparing for work that morning) and he's not really bothered about changing it. Instead he pulls out his phone.
He knows he should have told Michael more than he did that afternoon, but he was too focused on Blaire back there. So it's time for proper thanks.
Thanks for calling me, I really appreciate it. Sorry for rushing out

Clueless 6

4. června 2017 v 12:00 | Sandra |  Clueless
warning: talk about sexual assault on a teenager

Aaron really, really doesn't want to pine for his sister's teacher.
But he needs to be honest with himself. He is pining. So much even Jessika notices. When she stops him during their normal hook-up call, saying he's obviously not into it, he needs to seriously think about his priorities. Half of his friends are jealous of his arrangement with her and to be honest, he's not really into it in that moment.
That means going out and pulling someone wouldn't work either. He tried to find himself some guy that wouldn't come with strings of his sister, but that just didn't work.
So really, what is it he's doing?

Clueless 5

2. června 2017 v 12:00 | Sandra |  Clueless
This time he actually knows his way to the office, so he wastes no time and heads right there. He has every intention to not even knock this time, but in the end he does knock. Everything can be made better by good manners, right?
"Come in."
And look at him, he was so deep in thoughts that he even waited for the word this time.
"Mister Santorski."
"Mister Fitz." And this time he sounds so tired Aaron could apologize and back away in a moment. If it wasn't for his sister. "I assume this is about miss Fitz's regrettable extra work."