Červenec 2017

Clueless Bonus III. - Thanksgiving

10. července 2017 v 12:00 | Sandra
Michael's really looking forward to Thanksgiving. Sure, he's gonna see his family including his little nephew (who's not even a year old yet, holy shit), but that's not really it.
He hasn't seen Aaron in almost three months. They've texted a lot, called about once a week and even skyped a few times (most of that time for sex, because phone sex is fun for only so long), but it's not the same. And Aaron had midterms now, so it's been weeks since he actually saw him and months since he saw him face-to-face.
He's excited to see his family, but he can't wait to see Aaron again.

Clueless Bonus II. - Lis

8. července 2017 v 12:00 | Sandra |  Clueless
Michael's really glad that his friendship with Lis survived the holidays when they haven't seen each other at all. His days at school are much easier when he can talk to some adult who he actually likes.
Last semester he tried not to text with Aaron when talking to her, mostly leaving his phone in his office the same way he did during his classes. But today is not only their first day of school in new semester, but also Aaron's first day in an orientation week in Harvard. Michael has a feeling he's more nervous about it than Aaron himself. Aaron is quite able to make new friends in these situations after all. At least from what he told Michael.

Clueless Bonus I. - The Airport

6. července 2017 v 12:00 | Sandra
Aaron's looking around, trying to look like he isn't searching the terminal for a familiar face. Blaire's been teasing him since they came here. She caught him looking around five times in the last half hour, so Aaron figures it's fair. That doesn't mean he likes it, though.
It's nine thirty in LAX and their plane is set to take off at ten. They're already able to board the plane to get ready for the take off, but Aaron's been putting it off. He can see that dad is entertaining Blaire, so she doesn't whine about it too much.
Aaron's not really sure what he's doing here. He and Michael already said their goodbyes that morning, before Aaron went home to finish his packing and Michael went to his last teacher's conference before the start of a new semester. Michael warned Aaron that he might not make it tonight, might have to stay late in school to finish his plans for the upcoming semester.

Clueless 21 - THE END

4. července 2017 v 12:00 | Sandra |  Clueless
Aaron leaves Michael in the dining room with Blaire and goes to the kitchen to prepare the food. Mel already did most of the cooking, but he needs to prepare it for serving. He gets all of it on a trail and takes it to the dining room. By then dad's already in his own seat, Blaire's by his right hand and Michael left the seat by his left hand for Aaron, sitting on the one next to it. Aaron's not sure if it's out of respect or fear, but he takes it.
"What are we talking about?"
"You," Blaire replies cheekily before either Michael or dad have a chance to do so.
"Oh, what is it?" he asks with a fake enthusiasm. "My great looks, my charming personality?"

Clueless 20

2. července 2017 v 12:00 | Sandra |  Clueless
It's the end of semester and for once, Santorski actually shows how cool he is by giving them the last period free. They still need to be as quiet as possible and can't leave the room, but he doesn't require attention so all of them are in little groups all around the class, talking about their plans for summer. And Santorski is probably doing the same based on how he's sitting with his legs on his desk, a phone in his hand and a smile on his face. Blaire knows exactly what the other end of that conversation looks like. Well, she can guess. Aaron wasn't home from his yesterday's date when she was leaving for school that morning.
She talks with Trish and Abby, but she doesn't really pay attention to them. Ria is texting her now and again, moaning about Mrs. Nightingale, who's still trying to make them learn. And really, that's just not fair. When even Santorski gets it, how can Nightingale not?