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Squad Goals 02

27. února 2018 v 12:00 | Sandra |  Squad Goals
Fandom: Jurassic World
Pairing: -
Warning: -

The brothers meet Owen and one of my favorite scenes of the movie comes alive in the fic. Without the deadly danger

Squad Goals 01

25. února 2018 v 12:00 | Sandra |  Squad Goals
Fandom: Jurassic World
Pairing: -
Warning: -

We start at the beginning - the plot of the movie withouth the I-Rex...

When Zach first comes to the Jurassic World, he's sixteen and his parents are in the middle of a divorce. Not that he realizes that until Gray tells him so.
It's not that he doesn't know that their parents have problems. It's just that he didn't know they know about their problems. They were always arguing, that's all he can remember. Well, not really. They just stopped being careful around him once Gray was born.
It doesn't help that they're on the run from their babysitter, going for an attraction Gray was looking forward to for some time.
There are some girls in front of them and he can't help but stare.
They're good looking. They're pretty and around his age and he really should be excited to see them. But he's not. The longer he stares at them the more apparent it is that he doesn't feel anything when he looks at them.
The ride is nice enough and Gray spits out encyclopedia knowledge about dinosaurs like it's nothing. Zach lets him babble and mostly lets the information go right over him. It's not that it's not interesting, it's just… he doesn't really care.
Gray is excited, though, so he counts it as a win. It's starting to get late by the time they finish the ride, so he steers Gray back to the center. Didn't Zara say something about aunt Claire wanting to see them for dinner?
By the time they make it back to Zara, she's as white as a wall, clutching a mobile phone in her hand.
"Where have you been?! I've been looking for you the whole afternoon!"
Gray crunches up his face and Zach rolls his eyes but takes the blame. It was him who took Gray and ran away after all.
Zara looks at him and sighs.
"Yeah, okay. I understand why you'd hate a babysitter with you, but can we at least cooperate next time around so I don't have a heart attack every time your aunt calls?"
And that's fair, so Zach agrees. Besides, they have just enough time to freshen up and get ready for dinner with aunt Claire.
The stay is… Zach doesn't want to say boring, but that's what it is.
Dinner with aunt Claire was boring and awkward. Or maybe that's just him. Gray seemed to have good enough time, preening under their aunt fleeting attention. But that's Gray, he's always been happy when people pay attention to him. And aunt Claire's trying, if nothing else. Even though she's checking her phone every five minutes or so. He's not sure if Gray doesn't notice or just doesn't care, but he just turns the volume of his music a little bit louder. People around them already stare at him for it, but he doesn't really care.
The next day she takes them to the control room. It's full of high tech and people working it and he doesn't understand anything that's going on there. And he doesn't really care. Aunt Claire is distracted and soon she disappears, leaving them in Zara's care. Again. She looks over them, notices how bored Gray looks and quickly ushers them out of there.

"Okay, so, look. I was telling the truth, the bracelets will get you practically everywhere you'd like to go and I'm sure the last thing you need is a babysitter. And to be honest, I have better things to do. So, if you two promise to stick together and call me if anything, and I mean anything, happens.... Do we have a deal?"
Great, he ditched the babysitter and is stuck with a hyperactive preteen. But that way he'll be the one in charge, so there's that at least.
It takes only another day and a half for them to see all the attractions the island has to offer. Gray is excited and ready to see all of it again, maybe even twice, but Zach is over it already. To be honest, he was over it after the first day around, but what can he do.
They have dinner every day with aunt Claire and after the first night she even makes a real effort to keep her phone away from it. So Zach's not really that surprised when Gray finally asks the question he's been hearing from him for three days.
"Aren't there any raptors around? They are the best." Aunt Claire makes a face at that.
"There… are some raptors. They're not ready for viewing. Not yet. Maybe if you come over during the summer," she smiles at them and Zach frowns a little. Now she wants to be all friendly with them?
So when they meet with Zara next morning for breakfast, mostly just to check in with each other and tell her their plan for the day, he is the one to ask.
"I hear there are raptors around?"
Zara stops with her cup of coffee halfway to her mouth and Gray frowns a little, but Zach shoots him a look and he doesn't say anything. Zara puts the cup back down carefully, before turning her laser focus fully on him.
"Yes, we do have a pack of Raptors. They're not ready for the crowds yet, though."
"It's not like the two of us is a crowd. And we have a VIP bracelets."
He shakes his wrist in her direction. She frowns a little, but her look isn't any less intense for it.
"Your aunt wouldn't approve."
"Please, Zara? Raptor's are Gray's very favorite."
Luckily, Gray catches up to his sham and turns his best puppy eyes to Zara. She moves her laser eyes to Gray, but he doesn't even flinch. Finally, she sighs.
"If your aunt asks, it's Owen's fault."
Gray smiles so brightly he almost shines, but Zach frowns a little.

"Who's Owen?"

Ještě stále jsem naživu... zatím

24. února 2018 v 18:49 | Sandra |  Sandřiny poznámky, postřehy a další
Ano, ano, stále ještě žiju. Jsem si téměř jistá, že je to pouze dočasný stav, nicméně ano, jsem stále naživu.
Škola je peklo. Pamatuju si, jak jsem si kdysi myslela, že na vysoký už bude všechno zajímavé a super. A vysmívám se sama sobě. Už na blížící se státnice a přijímačky a obhajoby a tohle všechno nemůžu ani myslet aniž bych dostala panický záchvat (no, skoro) a čím dýl to odkládám, tím horší to všechno bude, ale přitom si nemůžu pomoct. Může se někdo slitovat a lhát skrz zuby a říct mi, že to všechno bude v pořádku?
Nicméně, dobré zprávy ve spolek! Po zkouškách jsem si dala dva týdny volna a napsala v nich povídku na film, který jsem konečně viděla. A jako už tradičně, více informací pod perexem!