Squad Goals 05

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Fandom: Jurassic World
Pairing: side Owen/Claire
Warning: -

Zach finds himself coming back to the paddock

His aunt can't take the whole holiday off, obviously, so the very next day she's back to working.
It's probably better anyway. It's not like he and aunt Claire have that many things to talk about.
The first day in itself was painfully awkward for both of them.
That's how he finds himself getting breakfast with Zara the next day.
"How was the wedding?"
She gives him one, unimpressed look.
"It's set to be at the beginning of September. I was just booking things back then."
Zach scrunches his nose at that, reaching for a coffee.
"Seriously? Almost a year in advance?"
"We had to book the place two years in advance. I was just beginning to do the rest of it when you two showed up. How's Gray?"
Somehow, he doesn't have the same problems with Zara. She's easy to talk to and doesn't push him when he doesn't want to answer. She asks about his girlfriend, too, but she doesn't make a big deal of it when he refuses to answer and instead asks about his plans for college. And once again doesn't make a big deal when he doesn't want to talk about it.
"That's fine," she waves it away. "Believe me, it's not that important what you decide right now. Did you know that I studied journalism?"
He doesn't believe her, so she tells him how she met her boyfriend when she and a group of her friends from college were here for holidays. She liked the island so much, that when she couldn't find a job after college, she applied for a job here. She started at the bottom, in administration, running errands for different people, but soon she raised up the chain and it wasn't long before Claire picked her up as her assistant. It was obviously a stressful job and she proved to be good under pressure before, that's why she got this job. That was almost two years ago.
Surprisingly, Zach's not bored with that story by the end of it. In fact, he asks questions about her boyfriend (fiancé, but whatever) and is actually pleased when she takes out her phone and shows him a picture of the two of them. They're cute together and Zara looks smug when he says so.
"So, any plans today?"

Zach sighs at that. Why is that the question from everyone recently?
"Probably gonna go back up and listen to some music. Maybe watch a movie or two."
Zara frowns at that a little.
"Really? You're on a tropical island with dinosaurs and you're gonna be in your room the whole day?"
"It's not like I haven't seen it all before."
"So did I and I wouldn't spend it that way."
"Okay, fine. What would you do, then?"
She takes another sip of her coffee and then another bite from her own breakfast (scrambled eggs with ham and toast). But Zach can see that she's thinking, so he doesn't push it.
"First, I'd probably go to the petting zoo."
"Petting zoo?!" He's not sure if he's more surprised or amused. "Isn't that like, for kids?"
"And?" she shrugs. "You get to pet baby dinosaurs there. Pretty neat if you ask me."
"Okay, fine, that's fair. What then?"
"Well, it's still me, so I would probably get coffees to people in operation center. God knows those nerds need it. But then… probably go to the ride where you get to see the dinosaurs out in the open? I don't really like predators that much, but those creatures, practically walking with them… it's nice."
Zach rolls his eyes, but it's more amused than anything else.
"You're a softie."
She simply laughs.
"Yeah, probably. Either way, you have my number, so if you need anything… you know the drill. I'm not actually on the babysitter duty this time around, so I should go do my job. Your aunt has a dinner with some investors tonight, so don't wait for her."
"Don't worry, I wouldn't even dream about it," he drags out, sarcastic. She stills on her seat, her bag in her lap already.
"She really does care about you, Zach. She just… have no idea how to talk to you." "She could start with not treating me like a kid."
"Good point. Anyway, the feeding program for predators is the same as the last time you were here, so if you want to catch anything, you know where to go. We still on for breakfast tomorrow, right?"
Zach still goes back up to his hotel room, but he finds himself restless here. He puts on some movie, but it can't hold his attention, so he puts some music on, but he finds himself distracted and needing to do something more.

It's a spur of the moment thing, his decision. He just takes his phone, his wrist band and his earphones and gets out of the hotel. It's not like he'll need his wallet with him, the bracelet should take care of that for him. He puts the earphones on in the elevator and selects a random order of all his songs on his phone, before slipping it to a pocket on his shorts. Once he's in the lobby he takes one of the little printed maps and gets out of the hotel.
The weather is brilliant and once he gets away from the crowds he even enjoys the fresh air.
Maybe Zara had a point.
That's how he finds himself at the petting zoo. He feels a little awkward between all the little kids and their parents running after them, but once he gets to the enclosure, he forgets all about them. His music helps with that, but he actually enjoys petting the little dinosaurs. It's relaxing. Who'd guess?
He gets so lost in his own little word that a hand on his shoulder scares him enough for him to jump a little. Which scares the little dino in front of him (he's not sure what that one's called. Maybe he should start paying attention to Gray's ramblings) enough for it to run away. He'd regret it, if he wasn't already getting the earphones down and turning around.
"I didn't scare you, did I?" Owen's smiling a wide, shit-eating grin and Zach really wants to punch him right about now. "You really shouldn't wear your earphones around dinosaurs."
"These are baby herbivores." Zach's deeply unimpressed and for some reason, Owen finds it amusing.
"Doesn't mean they couldn't step all over you when they grow up, kid."
"I'm pretty sure that by then I'd be allowed close to them only in the hamster ball."
Owen laughs at that, a deep belly laugh that makes Zach shiver.
"Hamster ball, huh? That's on point. You doing something, or do you have some free time?"
Zach tries to come up with something he has to do, he really does. But the longer it takes the higher Owen's eyebrows get, so in the end he just sighs and shakes his head.
"Great. Come on, it's almost time for lunch for the raptors and this time around there will be no dicking around for your aunt."
It's time for Zach's raising eyebrows.
"Aren't you dating her?"
"Yeah. Turns out we work better together when we don't… work… together." He frowns a little. "Come on. I should be at the arena… five minutes ago. We should really get going now."
But he lets his earphones rest around his neck and goes with Owen to his bike. Owen hands him his helmet and sits down himself without one.
"You're not gonna wear one?" Zach asks, but he already put the helmet on. If he's going to go riding with some stranger, he's not doing it without at least some protection.
"I left my free one at the bungalow."

"Have you seen the flats they offer for employees? It's like you're in a box."
Zach sits himself behind Owen and carefully puts his hands on Owen's sides. Owen simply takes them and wraps them around his waist. Zach flinches, but takes a deep breath, joins his hands on Owen's belly and tries to ignore the way it's making him feel all… shaky.
The feeling only deepens when Owen actually starts the bike and they take off. Owen doesn't have any reservation regarding fast ride and they zig-zag around people in the streets before making it out of the crowds, away from the center and into the jungle. Zach wants to laugh a little, the adrenaline making his head a little lighter.

At least he hopes it's the adrenaline from the ride.

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