Squad Goals 06

7. března 2018 v 12:00 | Sandra |  Squad Goals
Fandom: Jurassic World
Pairing: side Owen/Claire
Warning: -

Zach gets to meet the pack

They arrive to the arena soon enough and Owen takes them right to one of the behind the scenes rooms, where there are people preparing for the show and the bike is sheltered from the weather. Zach quickly slides away from the bike and takes the helmet off. Owen takes it and puts it on the bike.
"Come on, let's meet my girls. Do they already have the cameras on?"
"Barry just went to give one to Delta, you can do the rest."
"Come on, then," he smiles brightly at Zach. "Let's meet my girls."
On their way there someone gives Owen three black stripes with cameras in them and once they make it out, the raptors are in the containment boxes Zach saw during their Christmas visit, their head in the space meant for them. They can't open their jaws, but the close proximity still makes Zach pause in the door before quickly moving so he's close to Owen. The things he feels around him might scare him, but the raptors scare him more. And fascinate him. Scare and fascinate him both.
Barry stands near one of the raptors, the light green one. She already has camera on her and she's letting him pat her lightly. Owen goes straight to the grey raptor with blue stripe on her body. He murmurs something to her, softly, stroking her jaw lightly, before hooking the camera behind her head. She screeches when he fastens it but doesn't fret that much.
"You remember Blue?" he asks, stepping back and looking at him for a while, before quickly looking back at the raptor. "Blue, this is Zach. He's a friend."
Zach steps closer to her and she sneers, trashing a little in the containment. Zach stops immediately, his heart beating fast and this time he's sure it's not from Owen.
"Now, be good. He's Claire's nephew and we both know that we need to keep her happy or she's gonna end all of us."
"She's probably gonna end you either way, dragging her nephew so close to the girls," snorts Barry.
"What she doesn't know can't hurt her," shrugs Zach. Barry and Owen both turn towards him, Barry frowning a little and Owen amused. "If it was up to her I'd spend the whole summer in hamster ball. This is much more interesting."
The raptors are all fidgety, screeching softly and moving all the time. He takes another step closer to Blue and she sneers at him, so he stops again, but doesn't move back.

Owen moves to the most vocal raptor to give her the camera. It takes a little longer to calm her down, but he makes it. Then he waves his hand towards Zach, to come closer.
"This is Echo. Echo, Zach. He's a friend."
She falls silent when she sees him and for some reason, that's even more upsetting than Blue's screeches and sneers. But then, she moves her body so strongly it almost moves the box and lets out a sound close to whine. When Zach makes a step closer she doesn't sneer, although she chatters a little. He quickly looks at Owen, before making another, small step closer. Suddenly, Owen is right there behind him.
"Wanna pet her?"
"Will she bite my hand off?"
Owen chuckles at that.
"No, she won't… hopefully."
"Then yes, sure."
He starts raising his hand, but then Owen takes it in his and guides it closer to Echo. She snorts, but then she calms down, so Owen guides Zach's hand so it rests on the side of her head. He keeps their hands there for a moment, before slowly moving his own away, so Zach can pet her on his own. He still stays standing right behind him for another moment or so, though.
"That's it," he murmurs quietly when Zach slowly moves his hand to pet her better. "Good girl."
Zach shivers. He's almost certain it was meant more for Echo than him, but… that low voice of Owen's, the throaty quality to it…
Owen takes a step back and he exhales in relief.
"Looks like you've got it. Be careful, but she shouldn't be able to do anything to you."
With that he moves to get the last camera to its place. Zach doesn't look. He concentrates on Echo and the way her scales feel under his fingers.
"Didn't you say that there won't be cameras on all of them anymore last time?"
"For the real shows, yeah. But we're trying to find out how they react to it, how often each of them can have it before snapping, things like that. Plus, they need to get used to it. Yesterday it was the first time they wore it and they're not that happy about it, but they didn't destroy it or anything, so we hope they'll get used to it eventually. But for that they need to wear it daily. The show will start in another ten minutes or so."
"Will you again say all the boring shit before you show off your girls?"
Owen grins widely. He likes the kid.
"Not unless you want me to. Come on, you gonna join me on the bridge?"
Zach grins, looking away from Echo while still petting her and Owen almost has a heart attack. Doesn't the kid know better than to turn his back to predators?
To his surprise, Echo makes a sound close to purring. Zach grins when he looks back at her,

patting her for the last time, before making two steps back and turning towards Owen.

"Is it time already?"

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