Squad Goals 07

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Fandom: Jurassic World
Pairing: side Owen/Claire
Warning: -

Just a short summary of how things are on the island...

In short, that's how he comes to spend most of his time at the raptors arena.
He's not sure how he makes a routine out of a holiday on the island full of Dinosaurs, but he does.
And somehow, it makes him feel better about himself.
He eats breakfast with Zara, usually talking about what their plan for the day is, sometimes Zara talks about the wedding or her fiancé and sometimes Zach gushes about Echo. She might be Owen's girl, but somehow she always purrs when Zach takes his time to pet her. Then he goes to the raptor's arena. It's a fair walk away from the center, so by the time he makes it there it's usually time for lunch for the girls. If he's lucky enough, he gets to greet them before. After few days Owen even trusts him enough so he is the one who gets to put the camera on Echo. Barry's usually there to do so for Delta, so Owen has to take care of only Blue and Charlie. Then it's hunt time and Zach always, always climbs on the bridge to watch the show. From there he can see them truly hunt. It's way better than on the cameras.
After the raptors' lunch it's time for the human's one. It's brought to them by someone from the administration and it's nothing extra, but usually pretty good anyway. Pizzas are popular around here, but so is Thai.
After that they need to fill forms about the hunt. The only one who has a problem with that is Owen. And because Zach can't be left anywhere alone (obviously… for some reason), he ends up going to Owen's office with him and helping him with his reports the first few times around. After that Zach just sits down and does the report himself. It's quicker that way anyway. Eventually he even kicks Owen out of his own office so he can do the report as quickly as possible. Once he learns how to do it it's actually pretty quick.
It's also time to clear the arena. That's where Owen usually goes when Zach kicks him out of his office. The raptors aren't there for most of the afternoon. They get to stay there for the whole night and most of the morning, they can spend few hours out of it when employees clean it. Mostly from their shit. There's usually not much else to clean - the raptors never leave any meat behind, always finding all of the hiding places.
By that time it's usually time for the last meal for raptors and once again Zach gets up to the bridge to watch them hunt. It quickly became his favorite activity. Petting small herbivores is fine and all but watching the four raptors hunt is fascinating. Not to say that it's challenging to come up with ways to hide the meal for them so they actually have to work for it.
After that it's the end of the day for everyone. Some people usually hurry to catch the closest ferry, other people are just glad to have their work done. Of course there always needs to be some security around, but that's usually just one guy sitting in front of a wall full of screens.
Owen is usually the last one to leave. he takes the opportunity to spend some time with his raptors. He doesn't go out between them, not entirely. But he goes to the containment cell, so he's only one set of bars away from them, as close to them as humanly possible without the risk of getting eaten. Or, you know, the risk being as low as it can get with the close proximity of four highly intelligent predators.
Sometimes Barry stays behind with him, but Barry actually has a life outside of the raptors. That's how it happens that somehow, Zach starts spending time with him and the girls. At first from the

safety of completely outside of the arena, but later with Owen with only one set of bars between them and the girls.
Zach gets to know Owen pretty well thanks to that. Owen tells him about his time in the Navy and some stories about the girls when they were growing up. And Zach eats it all up. Owen just seems so interesting and…
And that's it. Only interesting. Everyone would want to be like Owen so it's no surprise that Zach loves hearing his stories.
Dinner is the time he should spend with Claire. At least most of the time. Once he even takes Owen with him, but that evening ends in a disaster with Owen stomping away from the restaurant and when Zach tries to say something Claire snaps at him. She then sighs and apologizes to him profoundly, but that doesn't make it better. He never invites Owen to go with him after that.
Besides, from his dinner with aunt Claire every day becomes dinner three times a week, then once during week and once during weekend and then just once a week, if Claire has the time. It's not that she doesn't try, isn't sorry about how little time they spend together. But the thing is, he's mostly relieved about it. They just don't have that many things to talk about. Him helping at the raptors arena helps with that, she certainly seems proud of how quickly he masters the art of filling the forms.
Sometimes he just gets back to the hotel and orders whatever he feels like, puts on some movie and does nothing for few hours before going to bed and repeating all of it. Lately he's been spending most of his evenings with Owen, though.
His bungalow is really little and… well, messy. But he hardly ever goes inside. Mostly they sit near the lake and grill themselves some dinner. Or Owen grills it, but Zach helps. That's also where Zach starts to talk a little bit more about himself. Tells him about how he still doesn't know what he wants to study in college. His parents are adamant that he has to go to college, but he's already taken some garage classes in school and is fairly certain he could make his living repairing cars. His parents don't want to hear about it. Other than that he likes music, but he's not really interested in creating it or mixing it or whatever it is DJs do.
The view of the lake is lovely. It's also to the west, which means that he usually ends up watching the sunset, so Owen then has to get him to his hotel, because if he went by foot he'd arrive too late for a good night sleep.

It's also the place where he usually checks his phone after the whole day. It gives him a plausible excuse not to talk to mum too long.

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