Squad Goals 08

11. března 2018 v 12:00 | Sandra |  Squad Goals
Fandom: Jurassic World
Pairing: Owen/Zach, side Owen/Claire
Warning: (almost) cheating

Zach has some troubling questions and Owen has surprisingly easy answers. Also - a kiss!

Owen just took the empty plates to his bungalow, getting another beer while he's at it. Zach's still nursing the one can Owen allows him per night. He doesn't always take it, but it goes really well with the burger Owen grilled that night. He takes out his phone and opens the latest text message from Imogen.
She texts him daily. It's one of the reasons he doesn't take the phone out before evening. It's easier to just say that he was too busy and simply answer something simple than answering every single one of those texts. Besides, he's not lying to her that way.
"Imogen, huh?" comes from behind him. He jerks a little, spilling the beer in his other hand and quickly looks to the other seat where Owen is once again sitting. He's grinning at him, another open can of beer in hand. With the setting sun in his slightly ginger hair he's gorgeous.
Zach quickly averts his eyes. That's another thing that became routine in the last few weeks. This

close to him, it's really hard to ignore how gorgeous he is. And Zach tries, he really, really does, but sometimes… sometimes it's just too hard. Especially when it's like that, just the two of them, with the sun setting on the other side of the lake.
"Your girlfriend?" prompts Owen. Zach sighs and puts the phone away. "Claire mentioned her. You're together for quite some time, aren't you?"
"Not even a year," Zach murmurs. Owen raises his eyebrows.
"That's a long time at high school."
Zach shrugs and looks down, so he doesn't see the slightly concerned look Owen's watching him with.
"Is she hot?"
Zach snorts at that.
"A little bit young for you, don't you think? Besides, aren't you taken?"
"Just making conversation. Or trying to. What's wrong?"
Zach still doesn't look up, thinking about how to answer that.
"She's… pretty enough, I guess."
"You guess?"
"Yes, I guess!" Zach snaps and sends Owen a nasty glare. Owen leans back and raises one hand in a placating gesture. Zach can feel himself blush, so he frowns and looks back down. "I just… she's pretty and clever and popular and everyone tells me what a lucky guy I am, but I just… don't… feel it?"
He can't help himself, he looks up when he says that. Owen simply nods, looking thoughtful. "Is it just her, or…?"
"No, no, it's… every girl. Every girl I see I stare and try to make myself feel… anything, really. But I just... can't."
Owen simply hums and Zach smiles a little at him. He never told anyone that.
"What about boys?"
"What-what about them?"
His voice skips a little and he can feel his cheeks heat up and really, now? He hates himself sometimes. And Owen… Owen grins. What?
"You do feel something for boys, don't you?"
He wants to protest (Owen isn't exactly a boy after all), but… he remembers Josh Green and the way his heart skips a little when he smiles that small, gentle smile that's usually reserved for Lydia only. He remembers seeing Tim without his shirt on that one time he met him in a park where he was playing baseball. And Owen. Fuck, he remembers Owen. Staring at his raptors, all stern and

dominant so they listen to him. His gentle smile when he pets them. His belly laugh when something truly amuses him.
"Shut up," he mutters, not really meaning it, but just to say something to cover his panic.
He's not succeeding in that.
"Hey, hey! It's okay, it's fine. It's like, normal, nowadays. Nobody cares, right?"
Zach wants to laugh and he does, but it's breathy and broken a little bit.
"Yeah, I guess. But it's not… I mean, how do I know that? I've never… I know kissing Imogen isn't… doesn't… I don't really feel anything doing it, but who's to say that I will feel something with boys? It's not like I can't say girls aren't attractive and… beautiful and…"
"Hey!" Owen almost yells and gently puts his hand on Zach's upper arm. When Zach looks up he's sitting on the verge of his seat, leaning close to Zach and looking lightly worried. "Calm down and breath, okay?"
Zach nods and does as he's told, not looking away from Owen.
"Okay, so… boys," Owen smiles a little bit. "Do you find them attractive?" Zach frowns and opens his mouth, but Owen's already shaking his head at him. "No, don't think about it. Just answer me, quickly. Do you find boys attractive?"
"Do you find girls attractive?"
"Have you ever found girls attractive?"
"I… don't know."
Owen raises his eyebrows at him and Zach wants to scream just a little bit.
"I… I've never thought about it that way? I just... always kinda assumed… it was just after I got together with Imogen. The kisses were… boring…?" He sounds unsure and hates himself for it, but Owen simply nods at everything he's saying, so he continues. "So I started to think about it a little bit more and… I don't know, I don't think I did, but I didn't let myself think about anything else?"
"Makes sense," Owen nods. "Do you want to kiss girls?"
"Do you want to kiss boys?"
"… I'm not sure. I've never done it before!"
Owen frowns a little bit, before nodding slowly and moving his hand from Zach's arm to his neck, to his cheek. Slipping out of his seat and kneeling on one knee right in front of him. Zach gulps a little bit at that. He didn't realize how close they got.
"Okay. Do you want to try it?"

It takes a few seconds for Zach to process all of that. Sure, now that he's got it stuck in his head he wants to kiss a boy, but… Owen? Owen is something entirely different. He's over thirty, to start. Also, he's Zach's aunt's boyfriend.
This isn't a good idea. It's probably a very bad idea. But…
"Okay, fine. I'm gonna kiss you now. Is that okay?"
The moment he agrees, Owen's lips are on his own. Dry and chapped, but gentle and soft, moving lightly against his own. Owen's hand still on his cheek, moving slightly to his hair, just enough so that his thumb can gently caress his cheek. He breaths out and Owen takes his lower lip between his own, biting lightly, just enough to tease with his teeth. Zach moans and that's what breaks the moment.
Owen leans back and it takes a moment for Zack to realize that he closed his eyes. He opens them again to slightly chuckling Owen.
"Yeah, I think you've got your answer here, kid," he pats him on a shoulder, before going back to his seat and sipping from his can of bear, looking at the lake.
Zach makes himself look away.
Yeah, he's got an answer to a question he's been asking himself for some time. And some trouble accompanying that. How is he supposed to break up with Imogen now without it being a dick move? And if he waits until he gets back it will still be weird, because he's known it for some time. Either way, he's the asshole.

However, it also brings a lot of new questions. For example - what the fuck is he gonna do with his crush on his aunt's boyfriend?!

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