Squad Goals 09

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Fandom: Jurassic World
Pairing: side Owen/Claire
Warning: -

In the wake of his new crisis, Zach tries to find something to do with himself

After that, Zach's not sure what to do with himself.
He doesn't really want to stop with his routine. He likes it. It keeps him busy and he enjoys himself, most of the time. But at the same time he's not sure how to act around Owen.
Owen is exactly the same he always was around him and somehow that makes it both better and worse. Better, because it gives him a sense that everything is alright, that nothing changed and that Owen still thinks of him as a friend. Mostly. He knows Owen still sees him as a kid, but at least he doesn't really treat him like a little one. He never did. It's worse because now he's painfully aware of how things could be. How Owen kisses...
Seeing him with his aunt is... awkward. He thanks God that doesn't happen that often.
His earphones help. He never stopped carrying them around, even if for most of the time he left them resting on his shoulders without actually playing any music. He takes to listen to it more now again.
The first time he does it on the bridge above the raptors, the next day after the kiss, the girls get restless and Blue almost jumps up to the bridge. He quickly moves to stop the music and they calm down almost instantly. Owen frowns a little at him.

"Don't do that again."
"Yeah. Got it."
So yeah, he's careful not to listen to the music around the raptors. He's not ready to give up his time with them, so he has to get over himself for the time being. It's not like Owen has time for him when he has to concentrate on his girls, so he's safe for that time.
He refuses Owen's offer to come to the bungalow for dinner and Owen accepts it. He doesn't want to avoid him or anything like that, he just... needs some time for himself.
Zara senses his new found jitteriness and teases him about it the first breakfast after that, but when he just gets grumpier, she lets it go.
Being around Owen is... difficult. He takes to fidgeting with his phone around him.
That's how he gets the photo of the raptors. He's standing on the bridge, few steps away from Owen, and the four of them are standing on the ground. It's time for their lunch and for the first time in some time, neither one of them has a camera on them. The tech department decided that they've got it covered and everyone else is happy with how the girls don't react to it anymore, so they don't have to wear it every hunt anymore. Instead the tech department is checking out the stationary cameras this time around.
All four of them are looking up, for once being almost still. The weather is great, like it almost always is on the island and the photo gets out great.
When Owen finally lets them go, Zach has handful of photos. But that one, with all four of them looking up and being still, with the brightly colored jungle behind them, is really great.
He doesn't really think about it. He simply puts a light filter on it and posts it on Instagram. Holiday on the Jurrasic Island has its perks #behindthescenes #raptorsquad #comingsoon
He puts the phone away, leans to the railing and looks down at the girls running around in a precise formation, looking for hidden meat, checking out that Charlie eats her fair share of it. He didn't want to believe it at first, but later noticed that Owen was right - sometimes Charlie leaves the food for Blue. In raptor it means that she has the highest respect for her, but it doesn't help with the fact that she still needs to eat.
After that he goes to Owen's office and fills in the report for the hunt. He puts on his earphones on his way there. Owen doesn't even go with him anymore. He knows the way and knows Owen's office probably better than Owen himself.
He finishes the report quickly, so he can go say hi to Echo. He wasn't early that day, came just in time to see their hunt, because he stopped by at the petting zoo with Zara on his way here. She had some free time after breakfast she wanted to spend petting baby Dinosaurs and Zach just enjoyed their conversation so much that before he realized it, he was at the petting zoo with her.
Echo chirps at him through the bars and he laughs a little at that. She's a wild girl but loves little rubs right under her jaw.
When he comes out again, Claire is there, arguing with Owen. Zach rolls his eyes and sighs at that, before trying to disappear without them noticing him.
Of course, he's not so lucky. He turns around to find his aunt marching towards him, dark look on

her face. Suddenly, he knows why everyone's so afraid of her. In pristine white pantsuit, stomping towards him in high heels, she's a force to be reckoned with.
"What did you do?!"
He blinks at her in surprise.
"Filled in... Owen's papers? I'll leave it to him, if you want messy forms never filled in properly."
"Hey!" Owen's behind Claire but looks mostly amused.
"Not... that," Claire waves her hand around. "That." She thrust the hand with her phone in it towards him. He blinks at it with surprise.
It's Instagram, loaded on his latest photo.
He quickly takes out his own phone and loads the alerts he has there. Over half million likes and twenty thousand comments!
"What the fuck?"
"Language," Claire frowns at him a little. "What were you thinking?! What don't you understand about classified?!"
"I... didn't realize it's classified." Zach's truly confused. "Isn't the new exhibit with raptors supposed to open in two, three weeks?"
"Well... yes. But that's exactly why we're keeping it tight. We want it to be a big opening."
"And how do you expect to do that? You hardly did any marketing for it and you expect people are gonna waste so much money on something they don't even know is gonna be good?"
Raptors can't really have crowds around, so that's why the tickets for the show are so expensive. And sure, Zach's sure that the really rich people are gonna come over just for the chance to see something new, but once that wave is over? It all depends on the marketing.
"We have a marketing department taking care of that."
"Yeah, right," snorts Zach. "I follow your park on every social media, remember? There was hardly any marketing done for the raptors, let alone photos of them. People were actually starting to question if they really exist."
"But... but... we're known as a serious business."
"Yeah. With terrible marketing."
"He's got a point. You know that."
Zach tries not to let Owen's support make him feel all giddy inside, but it's hard.
"This is actually very good for you. In fact, you're welcome."
"I just gave you free advertisement. You know what, let's make a small experiment - I put it on twitter, too, and if I get ten thousand retweets, we'll let this go, I'm not in trouble and you get free marketing."

Claire sets her jaw tight, but there's the kind of look in her eyes telling Zach that she's fully in the business mode.
"And if it doesn't get ten thousand retweets?"
Zach shrugs, but can feel his throat getting a little tight. Let's gamble.
"I won't be coming back to the raptors paddock unless for a show, which I will sit in a proper seat for. I'll leave everyone to do their job."
"So I have to read Owen's messy, incomplete reports again?" "Okay, now I'm starting to take this personally."
Zach can feel his lips itching to smile, but he keeps staring at aunt Claire. She wants to do business, he'll do business with her.
"You will be on all the shows, including the morning ones, behind the scenes and you will then fill Owen's report for him. For the rest of the summer."
Either he gets completely out of trouble or he will be too busy to think about Owen all the damn time. Win-win if he ever saw one.
The tweet gets fifteen thousand retweets in the first hour. In a week the number stops on half a million retweets.
It also starts the trending of #raptorsquad
The Jurrasic World's marketing team rolls with it and makes it the center of the most successful marketing strategy in the park's history.

Zach starts thinking about marketing and PR as his major in college. How difficult can it be, anyway?

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