Squad Goals 10

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Fandom: Jurassic World
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Warning: -

We're shifting our point of view, so now we get to see Owen's side of the story

Owen's been working in the park for close to three years now. Sure, he got the job through InGen, but he's not proud of it and he's severed all connections to that group as soon as he could after the Christmas almost-catastrophe. He can't believe InGen actually thought mixing T -Rex and raptor DNA was a good idea. They were all lucky that Claire can keep a level head back then. If she just hurried back to the operation center before confirming that the... thing (Owen doesn't like calling animals that, but what else can you call a hybrid that's been raised in complete isolation?) was out of the cage, they'd all be probably dead by now.
Luckily, she did try to confirm it only to find out that it was still in the cage. That prompted an inside investigation about what is it InGen is really doing and what they want from the park. When Simon Masrani found out, he quickly cut all ties he had with them. Claire had to work over time for good two months and for a while it looked like Owen will be sucked into the middle of it all, but luckily, their lawyers proved to be very good.
The real law war is still going on, with InGen and Masrani fighting for every piece of information the scientists discovered while on the island, but the InGen is gone. Including, to Owen's relief

and pleasure, Hoskins. But Owen's staying, because Masrani's lawyers were able to pry him away from InGen's hands. It cost them a lot of information from what he can gather, but Masrani refused to let him go. Knowing the raptor's potential and that only Owen is able to work with that group of them, he was willing to pay in gold for him to stay. Owen can't complain, really.
Nowadays, he considers his days at the island... domestic, almost. He has his routine with just the right amount of chaos on it to keep him occupied. He wouldn't have it any other way. And since they started performing for public he's been more than busy.
But now it's holiday again. And that means one thing. Zach Mitchell is coming to the island again.
He and Claire broke up about a week after the Mitchell brothers left last summer. They weren't really working out and for some months the only thing they did was fighting. Sure, the sex was great at the beginning, but Owen is starting to understand why you can't base a relationship only on sex. They didn't have anything to talk about other than work and they mostly fought about work. They didn't agree on multiple things regarding dinosaurs and while they each had deep respect for the kind of job the other has, they just couldn't make it work for themselves.
Truth be told, Owen thinks that they'd break up much sooner if Zach wasn't there for the summer.
That way it was only another thing Claire had to worry about and Owen...
Owen went and kissed the boy. While still dating his aunt who had no idea about the kiss. He should feel terrible about that, he knows he should. Yet when he thinks about the kiss it's always the softness of his mouth that's in his head. The way with which he leaned into Owen's touch. How warm and soft his skin was. How his moan made Owen shudder, his hot mouth making him wish for more...
He tried to convince himself that he reacted that strongly to a simple kiss simply because he hadn't get laid in ages. Claire was too busy, they kept odd hours that never seemed to align for them to spend some time together, but Owen would never cheat. So by that time it was weeks since he got laid last time. That was the reason, not the attractive, clever, funny young man kissing him. Or so he kept telling himself that evening, when he was once again alone with his right hand.
But since then he had plenty sex. Women, some men, just as long as it stayed light hearted and mostly restricted to one night only. So he's totally ready for the teenage nephew of his ex-girlfriend.
He sees him the day after he's supposed to arrive. He's with his raptors, of course, when Echo screeches and moves a little to the right. When he looks over, Zach is just slipping his phone to his pocket and putting his earphones on his shoulders. It's a sight he hasn't seen in ten months, yet it's painfully familiar.
"Hey, Zach."
"Hi, Owen."
He grew up. Not by much. Owen's pretty sure he's still taller than him, but not by much now. The baby fat disappeared completely from his face and he looks relaxed, more himself than last year at this time.
His smile is almost blinding and his eyes turn gentle when he steps up to Echo without a trace of fear in his movement, raising his hand slowly, to show that it's not threat, and keeping it up just few inches away from her, so she can sniff it before letting him pet her.
There's still a set of bars between them, but Owen's almost, almost certain that it doesn't have to

be there for Zach to be safe with her. But then again he feels the same about himself and Blue and isn't stupid enough to go without the set of bars between him and her. He might be a little bit crazy, but he's not suicidal.
"Back for the summer?"
"Sure. But this time around, I have my own work. Sorry, you'll still have to fill your own paperwork."
He smiles at him in a cheeky way and fuck, but he is still just a boy. A very attractive, very sexy boy.
"Don't feel too sorry. I'm certain I'm about a month away from driving your aunt mad enough for her to let me get out of it entirely."
Zach smiles a little awkwardly at that.
"How are you two anyway?"
Owen frowns a little bit. Sure, he hasn't talked to Zach in ten months, but surely Claire did. He knows for a fact that she took five days off for Christmas and actually flew to her sister's for holidays this time around. Surely she told him...
"Hasn't Claire told you? There's no us two anymore."
"Oh, thank God," Zach breaths out, obviously relieved. Then he stops and reddens a little in his cheeks. "I mean... You two were terrible together."
Owen chuckles at that.
"Yeah, you're right about that. We broke it off last September. I thought she'd tell you."
Zach frowns a little bit, leaning a little bit closer to Echo. Owen's surprised to find that his heart starts beating much faster and he keeps his eyes focused on Echo. She purrs and nudges as close to Zach as possible, but still. How Zach manages to turn her into such a putty Owen will never know.
... probably.
"We don't really... understand each other."
"Didn't you just say that you have work here? Didn't she make that happen for you?"
"It's more of an... internship. Paid internship, which is really, really cool, but still. Plus, I'm pretty sure mum begged her for it. Her exboyfriend is a jackass."
"Wait a minute, exboyfriend? I thought she was married."
"Yeah, that was before our first visit. She shipped me out last summer because I thought her new boyfriend was an asshole. Turns out I was right. A homophobic one to that," Zach simply shrugs, but he looks smug for some reason.
"So, you came out to your parents?"
"Yeah. Mum's boyfriend almost kicked me out of the house, before mum reminded him that it's actually her house. Dad on the other hand got really, really quiet for some time. Next time we were over, he gave me condoms and practically begged me to not make him go through the sex

talk again."
Owen snorts when he hears that. But he breaths a little lighter when he hears it. Not that he was too worried. Claire might be a little cold at the first glance, but she is no bigot. You can't really be a woman in position of power and hold so outdated ideas like homophobic ideology. But she isn't her sister and hasn't been in contact with her in years, so who knows what that sister is like.
"So no problems?"
"Well, there were some slurs thrown around when I took a guy to my prom, but... who cares," he shrugs.
"What about your girlfriend?"
"Broke up with her as soon as I got home. She... she threw a fit, alright, but she's over it now. We went out for a coffee before I flew out. It's cool."
"Cool, huh? Do people still say it?"
"Well, no, but... you know. Trying to keep the language age appropriate around here."
Owen doesn't really have to act out the outrage this time around.
"I'm not old!"
Zach simply laughs at him. It would be annoying if it wasn't so damn endearing.
Zach stays for the next exhibition, this time around standing up where the seats for public are.
Somehow, that's worse than it ever was last year when he was standing right next to Owen.
It doesn't help that somehow, for the first time... ever, probably, he actually feels old. Sixteen years is a lot. And he can't believe that he turned into one of the perverts who go after teenagers.

Not that he will go after him. He might feel a weird tightness in his chest every time he sees him smile, but that doesn't mean that he will try anything. The sixteen years age difference is one thing and big enough problem on its own. But then there's also the fact that he dated his aunt. Talk about awkwardness.

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