Squad Goals 12

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Fandom: Jurassic World
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More talk about how to handle the pack...

Lowery looks up and beams at them.
"Hey, Owen!" He takes his enormous cup of soda off the table and jogs up the few steps to them. "What brings you by?"
"We're looking for Claire."
"Zara said that she's in a meeting. Any chance you can check for us if it didn't end early?"
Lowery looks at Zach, surprised to see him.
"Hi! Uh... Zach, right? Claire's nephew?"
Zach nods, but Owen can see how dismayed he is over it. It's all in the stubborn way he puts his chin a little bit higher.
"Yes, that's me. Now, aunt Claire...?"
Lowery sips from his cup for a while, looking back to the screens in the room and Owen can see the temper in Zach growing. But he also knows that the tight set of shoulders means that he's setting in for the long battle, not to blow out here and now but to raise above that and show everyone that he's better.
And fuck, this is getting creepier with every new thing Owen discovers Zach shares with his aunt. "I'm not sure..."
"He's an intern in here and we think we've got a big thing that we need to see Claire about asap. Come on, Lowery, it really is an emergency."
"Something happened during the show? I'm pretty sure we'd know..."
"No, that's not... ugh!" Now it's Owen's time to fume. And he doesn't have enough self-control to keep it back.
"Look, if she's in the meeting, we're just gonna go wait for her in her office. I have access there,

so that's not a problem. We would still appreciate it if you contact her as soon as she's out of the meeting to tell her we're waiting, but we can manage ourselves. But if she's already out... we really need to catch her today."
Zach smiles at Lowery, all sweet and a little apologetic (which is obviously fake, but Lowery doesn't know that) and Owen's once again in awe of what diplomacy can achieve. As long as it's not Owen doing diplomacy.
Lowery sighs, but nods and turns around to get back to his station. Zach sends a quick smirk to Owen (he knew the sweetness was an act!) and goes after him.
It takes him only a minute to start some facial recognition program and then just a few seconds for it to run properly before they see Claire's face on his screen, accompanied by the faces of various old men sitting around one table with her. She has a glass of wine in her hand, but it's still mostly full while the glasses all around the table are at least half empty. However, it's obvious that the meeting isn't at its end yet.
"Thank you, mister..."
Owen snorts so loud that some of the people around them turn to face him.
"Oh, hell no. Zach, this is Lowery. He's a master... hacker, or whatever it is he does here. Lowery, Zach is the PR genius who started our big campaign for the raptors last year."
"Oh! That Instagram photo was you?"
"Well," now Zach's all sheepish and Owen really shouldn't find it so endearing. "I know it was...
breaching of security or whatever. But I didn't know it back then!" "Are you kidding me? That was genius!"
"Thanks," Zach's smile is much more honest this time around. "Can I ask you something? You guys control everything from here, right?"
"Yeah, pretty much." Lowery leans back in his chair and almost makes it topple over in the process. "What do you want to know?"
"The north part of the island. Every map I've seen says that it's restricted. Just that, though, nothing else. Is there something going out there?"
"Not anymore," answers Owen. He knows what Zach's getting at there and he can't say he didn't have the same idea.
Zach nods, but doesn't look away from Lowery.
"I suppose that the area is restricted for civilians. Probably safely secured...?"
"Well, the area itself has some security, but the paddock after the I-Rex is the most secure location on the island."
Which is why Owen thinks that it will be perfect for his girls. At least for now. The arena is not that much bigger than the raptors paddock, but it's still not the same and the girls should be calmed down by that fact alone. There might be a problem with transportation, but he's sure he can figure it out as soon as he gets some space to think it through.

When he quickly looks at Zach, he's watching them with those focused eyes of his and Owen kinda wants to die rather than tell Zach about the I-Rex. And that's only partly because if Claire finds out he was the one to tell her nephew about it, she's gonna be pissed.
"Um, yeah, that's... uh... classified?" But Lowery looks and sounds unsure. Zach frowns, a dark look in his eyes.
"I'd love to tell you about it, but it's kinda boring and your aunt would kill me if I did, so ... let's just say that they needed to keep something extra safe, fucked it up anyway and it's now there without any real use. Thanks for the info, Lowery, but we'd better go."
On their way there and then even in Claire's office, Owen explains how he thinks the best think to do right now would be to get his raptors to the paddock up north, set there some prey free and let them hunt it. He's not sure about how people or even laws would feel about that, but that's when Zach opens up google and starts to look up hunting laws in the US. Owen thinks that's kinda bonkers, considering his raptors are still animals, so those laws shouldn't apply to them, and Zach agrees, but he argues that it's better than nothing if they want to argue the legitimacy of them serving the raptors the animals almost on a silver tray and okay, he has a point there.
So he leaves Zach to that, instead thinking about how to transport his girls up north. It's not a long road, not at all, but he's worried that by now they're so restless that they wouldn't go to any moving vehicle voluntarily, making their transport more difficult. Of course, they can still shoot them with tranquil shots, maybe even ones that would make them sleep. He doesn't like those things, especially not in relation to his raptors, but he probably won't have a choice.
So in the end, all that's left to do is figure out the dose of the sleeping drug so his raptors get knocked down for enough time for the transport and how to make sure that after the hunt they'll want to get back to their own paddock.
Oh, and convince Claire that their plan is not only right, but also urgently needed.
Claire walks in few minutes before eight with three boxes of pizza in hands and a stormy expression on her face.
"I just spent three hours kissing assess of the most disgusting men I've had the misfortune of meeting. This better be good."
Owen's on his feet already, taking the boxes from her and ready to sweet talk her a little before dropping the bomb. But Zach's quicker than him. Somehow.
"It's not," he declares bluntly. "The raptor squad is restless and if we don't do something to relax them soon, we'll have a catastrophe in our hands. God bless you for the pizza."
He takes one of the boxes from Owen and plops down on the couch with it, opening it in the process and immediately taking one piece of it. Owen makes a face at it.
"You like pineapple on pizza?"
"God no. But I didn't catch lunch today, so the last thing I ate was breakfast and that was just a donut with my coffee."
"Hawaii is for me. The other two are pepperoni." Claire looks exasperated but fond when she takes the box and the piece that was chewed from already from Zach.

"Thank you!"
They sit around, Claire even kicking out of her shoes to make herself comfortable. It's after hours for everyone, after all, so they all deserve to be as comfortable as possible.
They eat their first pieces in silence, but then Claire sits up straighter and asks them what's wrong. So they talk. Well, it's mostly Owen who talks, but Zach starts with how he noticed it, Owen then taking over, even adding bits and pieces of things from the last year that now come back to him with new urgency, realizing what was really happening back then. Hindsight and all. Claire agrees that it is a dangerous situation, so they can move right to their plan.
She's not happy that Zach knows about the paddock that used to house the Indominus Rex. Her intense eyes focused on Owen and his explanations turn downright evil at one point, but she doesn't interrupt him so he figures he's safe for now. She points out every single one of the counterpoints they came up with in the time they were waiting for her, but thanks to that they're ready for it.
In the end, it's just the matter of what prey to use.
"I'm still not sure," sighs Claire finally, after Owen talks for five minutes about the importance of living prey for the raptors to relax a bit. "Can you imagine if animal rights activists got hold of that information?"
"So we won't make a secret out of it," shrugs Zach. Claire frowns and turns her intense look towards him, but he hardly notices. His eyes are bright and he looks almost excited. "Secrets are dangerous. When they get out, it's not you setting the tone, it's the one releasing the information. If you don't keep secrets, you are the one who sets the narrative."
"Wait a minute. As far as I know, you were just accepted to college. How the fuck do you know this shit?"
He's almost expecting Claire to tell him off for the language, but she doesn't even blink. Zach smiles at him brightly.
"It's simple logic. If we make a post about it, or maybe just Owen says something about it during his last show before the hunt and then we post photos of it, we set the talk. When someone asks about what they're hunting, and they will ask, we answer truthfully. Raptors are big predators, there's no other way about it. They wanna talk about the natural order of things? Let's see how a pack of wolfs fare against our girls. Or better yet, a bear."
And fuck. Zach is practically glowing with excitement. Owen can almost see all the ideas for future posts and photos dancing behind his sparkling eyes and Owen feels himself melting in the face of it.
Claire stares at Zach for a minute, before her lips curl into a smile. "A bear, huh? You sure we won't get in trouble for it?" Zach shrugs.
"I mean, I'm no lawyer. They should look into it. But from the little googling I did, hunting bears is legal for people, so I see no reason why we couldn't get them imported for raptors. The real trouble right now is time."
"I know we can't just cancel shows," adds Owen, "but I don't feel comfortable with having people around my girls before we at least try that hunt."

Claire sighs and rubs her temples.
"I'll contact our lawyers and get some other people to work on this. Owen, you will be one of them. If we can't come with a plan till tomorrow afternoon, I'll look into the near future and into the ticketholders for the raptor's show and contact them myself about rescheduling their stay or cancelling the raptor's show in exchange of other benefits. You'll probably have to perform for at least three days either way, maybe even a week, but I'll do what I can do to get you some free time."
"You should also contact Zigotskij about the PR approach to that. If I talk about it before he even knows something's going on, work will be hell for the rest of the summer."
Claire drums her fingers against a hand rest of her armchair.
"Yes. Don't go to your usual place in the morning. Sleep in and get right here. At ten AM I'm expecting you in my office. You'll be leading the team responsible for raptors from now on."
Zach blinks at her in surprise.
"We don't have a team for raptors."
"We do now. And you, young man, are exhausted. Don't make me send you to your room like a small kid."
Zach goes limp and moans at that. Owen quickly moves the now empty box of his pizza into his lap when he hears that.
"I don't think I can move right now. And we should probably let Zara know that she should start her day by cancelling all your plans for tomorrow. And maybe even few days after that."
"Oh God, is workaholism genetic or something? My head hurts just looking at you two. I'm declaring the end of the sad pizza party. You can hold each other up on your way to your flats."
Zach smiles at him slowly and he suddenly has to hold back an image of this Zach, tired and soft, curled up in his arms as he takes him to his, theirs bed.
"Yeah, that's probably a good idea. I guess I'll be seeing you more now, when I'm in charge of the raptors squad PR."
"It's pack. Raptors pack."

"Not according to twitter."

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