Squad Goals 13

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Fandom: Jurassic World
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Let the hunt begin...

Claire is a miracle worker.
She can't stop shows from happening, but she does the next best thing - she pushes all the teams of lawyers and other workers so in three days they're ready for his girls to go on their first real hunt. They'll be hunting some deer, hare and a coyote. Oh, and geese. Because all of those are animals permitted to hunt by the law of United states... or something. They're all delivered right to the paddock after the I-Rex the day before the hunt itself.
It's a little more complicated to move their girls and Owen isn't happy that in the end they need to put them to sleep for the way there, but he knows that there's no other way.
The evening show is shorter than usually, but Owen apologizes and tells the people attending that

show that his girls are going for a real hunt, asking them to keep it quiet, of course.
So naturally, by the time they make it to the I-Rex paddock, the social media is buzzing with rumors about raptors getting out of control and going wild, on their own hunt.
Zach snorts when he sees it. He's been with them almost nonstop for the last three days. Mostly because his own team, made up from three of the meanest people Owen's ever met, doesn't really take him seriously. So he has to go and do practically everything himself.
"You can always trust the peoples' need to gossip. Hey, girls," he smiles when the containments behind Owen shutter and the screeches and sneers start to sound in the night's air. "Could you be still for a few moments, look out of the window you have in your doors? I need a good photo for this."
Owen gives him one, unbelieving look.
"You're crazy."
"Crazy amazing. Now, smile!"
Owen doesn't smile. Instead, he leans in on his bike and growls a little. Zach laughs, but takes the photo.
Owen's going to hunt with his girls. He's maybe a little nervous about it, being locked in one arena with them, but mostly he's excited. He has his bike so he can keep up with them and to be honest, he's kinda looking forward to it.
Maybe he is just the tiniest bit suicidal.
The containment shakes again and Owen looks back, before looking back at Zach, worried.
"You should leave. Now."
Zach rolls his eyes, but nods.
"Good luck out there. I'm right over there, on radio, if you need anything. See ya."
Owen's man enough to admit that he breaths much easier once Zach disappears in the secure building. Then he turns toward the containments. He has remote control that will open all four of them.
He breaths in, deeply, and clicks the button.
Echo runs out of hers first, marching through everything and screeching all the while, loud and clear. Blue is right behind her, but she runs to Owen, stopping right in front of him and screaming right into his face. Owen grimaces.
"Yeah, that's fair, I deserve that. Sorry about the sleeping darts, but see how you react now? How were we supposed to move you with you awake?"
She screams some more, before settling a little bit, turning around, and checking on Charlie, swinging her tail in clear dismiss of Owen. Well, he does deserve that.
Delta doesn't do any of that, just runs out, stops in her movements, and cocks her head a little, sniffing the air. Owen grins.
"You feel it, girl, right? So," he starts his bike. "Are we ready for the hunt?"

They don't wait for him. He sighs but goes after them. He couldn't expect them to listen to him when he betrayed them like that. Besides, if he really wanted them to stop and wait for him, he should have had the gate installed the same way they have it in their own paddock.
Maybe some other time, if they're going to use this more often.
By the time he catches up with them, Echo is halfway through a deer, Charlie just caught a hare (and look at that, eating it takes about the same time it does to eat a rat) and Blue and Charlie are playing with a flock of geese, herding them this way and that way, trapping them between the two of them. Owen sighs when he sees that. That took even less time than he expected.
It turns out it wasn't just that easy. Sure, deer are easy to catch, but catching the individual geese and hare? That's trickier. Especially the hare. Once the geese are trapped they panic, running almost to his girls open jaws, but hare? They're quick and small enough to miss easily. He's sure they will figure it out eventually, but right now they're big enough challenge that his girls should be satisfied with this hunt. The coyote, on the other hand, turns out to be a disappointment. Once all four girls team up it doesn't stand a chance. Maybe bring more of them next time? And some other animals that will put up a fight. Not wolves and bears (Zach was right that technically, it's legal to shoot them, but mostly only when you're protecting yourself or your property. They're still endangered), but maybe boar...
About two hours after they started, it's deep night and they're all done. They come back to the gate, the girls keeping their distance from the transportation containments, but teasing each other, playing together. Owen realizes that's another thing he hasn't seen in a while. He stops his bike with a smile and steps away from it. He parked just few steps away from the door to the secure building, but the moment the bike stops rumbling, Blue's here and he gets nervous again. Sure, she should be full by now, but... you never know.
Instead, she preens a little, cocking her head to the side, before making a small step closer to him, and headbutting his chest. It shocks a laugh out of him. She didn't do that since she was just a baby.
"And hello to you, too," he speaks softly. He raises his hand and gently, slowly lowers it to her jaw. She screeches, before turning away, turning around (hitting him with her tail) and running back to her sisters. Owen hesitates for a moment, before making a step closer to them.
He tries to make them move to the containments again, but they refuse to do so. When Charlie snatches and almost bites his hand off, he backs off. He thinks for a while, before taking his radio.
"Hey, Zach, do we have over the frozen rats I asked for?" He waits for a moment, before speaking up again. "Zach, do you copy?" He waits again, but much less patiently this time. "Zach!"
When no answer comes even now, he starts to slowly back away, back to the door to the secure building. The girls aren't paying attention to him anymore, but he's not reckless enough to turn his back to them. Not even now.
But once he makes it inside the building, he turns and runs up the set of stairs. He finds Zach in the observation room. He's sitting in a chair that was left behind by the security, feet kicked up to the table where once were screens overlooking the arena, leaning back and sleeping. His mouth is open just a little bit and he's snoring quietly and Owen stops where he's standing, just looking at him for a while. He's all soft like that and the bags under his eyes are even more prominent for it. And Owen just wants to wrap him up in the softest blanket and hide him in his own bed.
Yeah, he's in trouble.

There's a phone in Zach's hand, so he takes it before it gets the chance to fall down. It lights up just as he's setting it on the table, an alert about someone commenting... the park's photo?
He feels just a bit guilty when he slides the screen open. It disappears when he realizes that there's no kind of password to get into the phone. And who doesn't set a password of some kind on their phone nowadays?
It opens up to an Instagram photo on the park's profile. It's the one Zach took downstairs - with Owen on his bike, leaning on it with a kind of predatory smile he's not aware he had on his face back then. There are the containments behind him, in clear view but without the girls peaking out of it, because of course they wouldn't do something like that only because he asked.
Our daring raptor leader is all set for tonight's hunt! More info coming soon to our Facebook page #huntingseason #raptorsquad #daringraptorleader #jurassicworld
He chuckles when he sees it, setting the phone on the table. Then he sighs and goes looking for the rats.
He finds them back down, in the same hall with the door to the arena. There's a sort of cabinet in there and in it some rats that were obviously frozen just few hours ago. There's also a small bucket nearby, so Owen just gets all the rats into the bucket and moves out again.
The girls are all huddled together, on the verge of a jungle, as far away from the containments as possible.
"Hey, Blue!" he calls out, because God knows that if he gets Blue inside one of them he's basically won. "You want a rat?"
That's a word they know by now, which is why they cock their heads and Blue takes a step out of the huddle and towards him. He smiles and throws her a rat. She catches it easily and makes another two steps closer to him.
"Good girl, now, come on, come with me." He steps back, closer to the containments. She sneers but takes another step closer. "Want another one?" He takes it out of the bucket and Blue takes three quick steps closer. "See, you can do it. You want a rat? You need to go and take it."
He throws it into one of the containments. He's certain it's the one where Delta was on her way here, not Blue, but he doesn't think anything will make Blue go back to her own containment.
She screeches and takes a step back, sneering at Owen personally. Owen sighs. So this tactic isn't working.
He talks to her some more, pleads and whistles and clicks his tongue, but there's nothing he can do to actually make her go there.
He tries it next with her own containment, but she actually turns her back to him and goes back to the rest of the girls after that. Once again - he probably deserves that.
He goes back to the building, still not turning his back to the raptors, but somehow feeling more at ease with them than ever before.
He checks on Zach, but he's still sleeping. His head is in an awkward angle and Owen smiles when he sees it, before taking the long distance radio they took with them.
"Operation center? Here's Owen." He lets go and waits for an answer. He doesn't have to wait for long.

"So you're still alive?" And of course it's Lowery taking the late shift in the center for their little adventure. Zach makes a sound and almost falls back, but Owen's there to steady the chair and move it away from the table a little bit. Zach's feet hit the floor hard and he moves again, but in the end he just mutters something and goes back to sleep. Owen takes the radio and moves it to the corner with the big windows in it. He sits on the floor and looks out, checking on his girls.
"Of course I'm alive, asshole. Can we have some more containments move in here? The girls won't go back into those already here."
There's a pause, but he's not in a hurry.
"Sure there are, but there's not enough people right now. There's only night security out of the tourists center and the people in the center aren't competent enough to deal with dinosaurs."
Owen frowns a little, looking back at Zach.
"Is there someone who could pick up Zach? The idiot fell asleep in a chair."
"He's still there?" Lowery sounds surprised and Owen frowns a little. Wasn't that the plan? "Sure, I'll call to the hotel. I'm sure there's someone with a license bored enough to go for a little joy ride. Can he wait for them in front of the arena, where the parking lot is?"
"Sure. Let me know when the ETA will be."
It's quiet for a moment and when he looks out, he has to search for his girls for a while, but when he finds them, he almost has the urge to aww at them. They're all lying in one big pile of bodies, Blue closest to the containments and Charlie in the safest place among all of them.
"They just got the key to one of the company jeeps. They should be there in about forty minutes," comes Lowery's voice from the radio and Owen automatically checks his watches. It's kinda hard to see, but when he angles his wrist just right for the moon light to set on them, he can see alright.
"Thanks. Hey, I know you said you can't miss that many people right now, but can you maybe miss one person? They can pile up four containments to one truck and I can deal with the things on my end."
The silence is full of judgement and Owen sometimes really hates Lowery.
"Are you sure? We needed a small team to move them there."
"Yeah, because they were agitated and weren't talking to me. I should be able to get them to some containments that aren't the ones we moved them in here. If not, I'll let your guy go and we can think about a better plan for when more people arrive."
Lowery sighs, half exasperated, half tired.
"Sure, I'll look into it. Get some rest in the meantime. I've got tomorrow off, but we all know you'll have to do the morning show."
Owen wants to protest, but... Lowery's right. He needs to do all the shows like usually. He can do it, he's sure. But resting is a good idea.
He sets an alarm in thirty minutes, so he can wake up Zach and get him to the parking lot.

Hopefully Lowery will have some news about the transport by then.

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