Squad Goals 14

23. března 2018 v 12:00 | Sandra |  Squad Goals
Fandom: Jurassic World
Pairing: Owen/OC
Warning: some jealousy

After the hunt Zach is busy, so Owen... gets busy

The next day, he doesn't see Zach at all. He... might be a little disappointed by that. Just a little bit.
Instead of Zach there's some girl in her twenties in short shorts and a tank top making eyes at him the whole day. She won't step on the bridge but is always waiting for him just to the side. She also never goes to the middle part of the gate, where there would be only one set of bars between her and the raptors, but always stays close enough so they can talk. Or she can yammer about this and that and Owen can nod sometimes to play like he's listening.
She takes some photos, but other than that Owen doesn't see her do anything... helpful, really. At least when Zach's there, he tries to help prepare everything for the next show.
She's there the next day and the day after that and Owen... Owen's just a man, okay? And she's young (but not too young, he's pretty sure she's at least twenty three) and beautiful and flirting with him and what is he supposed to do?
That's how on the third day, he takes her on his bike and gets her to his bungalow. Luckily, she knows what's going on and doesn't waste any time. As soon as Owen gets off his bike, she pulls him close and kisses him. He likes that.
He gets his vest off even before they make it to the bungalow, his shirt and her tank top following soon after they let the door close. They hardly make it a few more steps in when she shimmies out of her shorts and wraps one long leg around his hip. Owen gets his hands on her backside, so she jumps up and wraps even the second leg around his waist.
They stumble into bed quickly, Owen laying her down underneath him and she parts her legs so he fits nicely between them.
It's quick and hot and exactly what he needed. She's soft and smells nice underneath him, squeezing him tight in just the right moments.
It's over embarrassingly quickly (it's been a while, okay?), but he makes sure she comes, too. No one leaves his bed unsatisfied.
After, he lies down next to her, still gloriously naked and not really bothered about it. It's not like it's cold on the island. And he's mostly used to sleeping naked anyway.
Of course, that's when he hears it.
"Owen?" comes from outside the bungalow in painfully familiar voice. The girl next to him groans and he quickly moves his hand so it's over her mouth. He places his finger on his mouth in a gesture clearly telling her to keep quiet, before quickly putting his underwear on and going out.
Zach's there, of course. His shirt is wrinkled and open, letting him see the tank top underneath it.
He looks exhausted but smiles at Owen. Then he notices his state of undress and frowns a little.
"Am I... interrupting something?"
Owen's quick to reply, but before he can do that, the door behind him opens and slim arms sneak around his shoulder and waist, resting on his naked chest. Zach's face falls and... is that jealousy he sees there? It might be for the girl, but... Zach doesn't like her and Owen knows it. He's heard him complain about all of his team enough to know that. Then Zach's face turns into a stony mask.
"Sorry, shouldn't have just... barge here like that. I'll just... go."

Owen grimaces a little, when Zach simply turns around and quickly walks away.
It's better this way, he tries to tell himself. Even if it was jealousy in his face, it's just a simple crush. He'll grow out of it. And this might even help him with it.
The girl chuckles quietly and lets him be, going back to the bungalow.
"That should do it," she comments and Owen frowns. He turns and gets back, too, slamming the door closed.
"That should bring him down to Earth," she shrugs, getting back into bed and smiling at him seductively. Suddenly, he doesn't find it nearly as appealing as he did when she did it back at the paddock. "He walks around like the park belongs to him. Just because his aunt is the big boss and manages to get him the best work around here. But enough about him. Come here," she almost purrs. He frowns and crosses his arms on his chest.
"Who are you?"
She blinks at him, confused, before laughing. It's a nervous laugh and Owen's suddenly so annoyed with her.
"What do you mean? I work on the raptor's PR team." "No, I mean... what's your name?"
He's rude and doesn't really care about it. He usually tries to be at least polite to his one night stands, but somehow this girl stepped over a line he wasn't aware he had.
She pouts now, thrusting her lower lip out and waving her eyelashes at him.
"What do you mean? Of course you know my name! We work together."
"No, I don't. And we don't work together. You work for Zach and I work with him." His voice is full of poison and he feels a little bit bad about it, but he doesn't like the way the girl talk about Zach. Sure, it might look like Claire just... gave him good position because he's her nephew, but this girl works with him, she should know better.
It suddenly makes sense why he hasn't seen any of Zach's team before, why it was always Zach running around making things happen. And he hates her a little bit for making him work so hard.
She frowns and shakes off his shirt, before bending to put on her shorts.
"You're a pig, Owen Grady."
"Tell that to Claire, she might actually care."
She glares at him, before putting on her bra, taking her tank top and storming off of the bungalow.
Owen groans and falls head first into his bed.
This might help Zach get over his crush, but it isn't helping Owen. And he managed to ruin a chance of nice evening with him.
Life sucks.

The next day, Zach is back at the raptors paddock. This time around, he's in shorts and a tank top. He's also almost never looking at Owen. Owen catches him watching him now and again, but mostly he keeps busy with helping around. It's Echo's turn to wear the camera for the two o'clock show, so he takes it to her and spends the time before it with her. Owen can come over and talk to him, sure. But Zach just looks so peaceful with her. And it's the only time when Echo isn't moving too much, too fast, and actually seems to relax for a little bit. So he leaves them to it.
After the show it's time for lunch for people. There's a big cafeteria-like room where they usually take their lunch. Either ordered out or packed.
Owen takes a box of pizza that was delivered that day and takes it to a table where Zach's already sitting with his own pizza. Zach smiles at him a little shyly when he gets there, before looking back down at his pizza.
"Hey," Owen smiles at him. "Where were you these last few days?"
"Getting yelled at in Zigotskij's office," Zach huffs, annoyed. "And then in aunt Claire's office, because Zigotskij wanted to fire me. I'm... temporally on an unpaid leave."
"Oh. What did you do?"
Owen doesn't know about anyone being on an unpaid leave. Honestly, he didn't know you can get fired from around here. Usually, people either walked out on their own or were injured enough to not be able to do their job anymore.
"Decided that different social sites were made for different reasons and we should use them that way. Seriously, what's the point of having one post on every single social site? So I posted some information on twitter, posted a teaser photo on Instagram and made a big post about the hunt on Facebook. Zigotskij hates it."
"I don't know," shrugs Zach. "Either way he wants me out of the team. Claire talked him out of it for a while. Zigotskij should be starting a debate on the sites right about now about which approach they prefer - all the same posts on all the social media or different ones for different media. In a week we'll get together in Claire's office and talk about it some more. If the people agree with him, I'm fired. If they agree with me, I'm back to leading the team for raptors, independently from Zigotskij, answering directly to Claire."
"That's a big jump for an intern," Owen laughs, winking at Zach. Zach reddens in cheeks a little, but smiles. "So what? In the meantime we're without our own PR team? I'm hurt, Zachary. Hurt!"
Zach laughs at that, finally looking at him with sparkling eyes.
"Oh, don't worry, you're still very special. In fact, in the mean time Brittany will be the one leading your team."
It's half teasing, half painful and Owen doesn't follow.
Zach gives him an unimpressed look.
"Brittany. The half naked girl from yesterday...?"

"Oh. So that's her name."

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