Squad Goals 15

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Fandom: Jurassic World
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Owen can see Zach's crush, but... the sixteen years difference is still too much

Zach spends the week at the raptors paddock, helping where he can and chatting with various people. He slips simply into the group of people around there. It's the same way it was the year before that. Except now people tease him about how a big boss came to see them, lowly laborers. It's all in good humor and everyone laughs, Zach most of them all.
After that week, he disappears for a day again. When he comes back the next morning, he's back in his black trousers and a shirt. This time it's light green shirt that nicely brings out his tan. He also has two phones in his hand and a self-satisfied smirk on his face.
"You won?" Owen asks with a smile on his own.
"Overwhelmingly. Zigotskij got so red in the face I was afraid he might faint. Now, do you think we could get between the girls in between the shows? I need some nice photos to make up for the shitty job Brittany did."
"Oh hell no. I'm not letting you go into the arena. But probably from inside the gate? If you angle the photos right...?"
Zach sighs, long-suffering and entirely fake.
"Well, that'll have to do."
After that, it's one big circus. Owen tries to catch Zach in between shows, but it seems like he's always working, always glued to one of the phones. They get a little while together when Zach goes to take the photos of his girls up close and personal. Zach seems busy, but relaxed and happy.
Few days later he looks exhausted, but somehow still full of ideas. And not all of them as disastrous as going into the middle of raptors pack for a good photo.
That's how after one of the lunch shows, and after even they eat their own lunch, Owen finds himself, Barry and Zach on the bridge above the arena with hose in his hands. Next to him is Zach with a profi camera and next to him is Barry with another hose in his hands. Zach is giddy with it, smiling widely and moving almost all the time. He kinda reminds Owen of Echo like that.
"Ready for it?" he smiles at Owen and then at Barry. Barry chuckles.
"I don't think any one of us is truly ready for it. Do we have any idea how they're going to react?"
All four of the raptors are standing underneath them, looking up in that curious way of theirs with their heads cocked to one side. They're used to people being on the bridge, but once the three of them stopped there, two of them with hoses in their hands, Blue noticed them and stopped in her track. Delta soon joined her and where the two of them are the other two are soon to follow.
"Nope," answers Owen with a grin of his own. He missed this, trying new things with his girls. "The last time I sprayed them Charlie was about a month old, Blue about half a year. They were much smaller back then."
"Come on, there's only about three hours left to the next show. We all know that the last hour before that we won't be able to do anything and we should let the girls have their fun while they can."
"Also you can have the photos online before the show that way," teases Owen, swaying his hips

so he checks Zach that way.
"Please," sighs Zach, hardly checking him right back. "I'll have to get those photos to the computer, maybe edit them a little, select the best few, make a post about it for Facebook, select the best photo to post it on Instagram as a preview... So please, let's do this the fun way."
Owen frowns a little at that rant. Shouldn't he be able to delegate at least some parts of that to his team?
"Fine. Let's do this."
They start the water. The raptors jump back, before curiously stretching their necks to inspect the waterfall.
They know water, of course they do. They have a small lake in the arena so they can drink and even bath if they want to, but they've probably never seen something like this. Owen laughs and moves the hose a little bit so it lands closer to them. Echo sneers and jumps back a little, but Blue moves her head under the spray of water. She screeches a little but moves so her whole body is under the spray.
Soon they all run around, even fighting a little over who gets to stay under the spray. It actually gets so bad that Barry and Owen start moving the hoses so the sprays never stay on the same place too long.
Zach takes one picture after another, now and again even screaming out one name or the other. The girls are so used to him by now that they usually at least look up, sometimes even chirp at him. Echo evens opens her mouth in something that resembles a smile. A terrifying, scary smile, but by Zach's laughter he's not afraid of that. Barry, on the other hand, shudders when he sees it.
"How can you laugh when you see something like that? She could eat you with one snap of her jaws."
"Well... yeah. But she won't," shrugs Zach before snapping another photo.
The time flies and the girls don't stop jumping around, catching the water in their mouth, splashing each other and fighting over who gets to be under the spray longer. Echo gets so hyper at one point that Blue swipes her tail and gets Echo on the ground. Owen doesn't hesitate and sprays water all over her lying body, laughing out loud. When he looks at Zach, he's surprised to find him snapping picture of him instead of the raptors.
Zach colors a little in his cheeks, looking back down. Owen's smile gentles a little. Until he looks up and sees Barry looking at him, eyebrows raised in a judgmental way. He frowns at him and shakes his head just a bit. Barry nods, but his eyes tell him that they're going to have that discussion whether Owen likes it or not.
More than an hour later, Zach sighs when he looks at the time.
"I should get going. I need to be back for the show and I want to have the photos in the computer and if possible selected at least a bit before that. I'll see you two around."
He turns to leave, going swiftly to the side of the bridge. Owen's eyes sway to his ass and before Owen can think better about it, he turns off the hose, turns it towards Zach, aims and starts the water again.

Zach screams, high-pitched and all, and jumps a little, clutching the camera close to himself. But the water doesn't get anywhere near it. Owen turned the hose off after only just a little bit of water got to Zach. He's not mental enough to ruin the park's property. Besides, the only thing that's wet is Zach's behind and a small part of his shirt. And really, that makes it all worth it.
"Hey!" pouts Zach just a little bit. "What am I supposed to wear now?"
For all Owen cares, he can walk around naked. Or in the wet clothes. It's not like it's freezing or anything. In this weather it should be dry in no time at all.
"Owen has an extra set of clothes in his locker," calls Barry after him. "I'm sure he has something there you can borrow. Right, Owen?"
He sends Barry one nasty look, but nods and grins at Zach.
"Sure. Catch." He throws him his keys. "The small one is from my locker. You know where that is, right?"
Zach catches the keys without trouble and nods.
"You're lucky the camera survived, asshole," he mutters, but turns and goes down, into the rooms for employees. Owen stares for a while, but then there's water on his back. He jumps a little and turns towards Barry.
Barry laughs, so what else can Owen do but return the fire?
They play for a while like little kids, but then the girls start screeching extra loud and they turn back to them. The silence gets tense after a while and Owen sighs.
"Okay, out with it. What is it you want to tell me?" Barry's silent for another minute or so.
"Everyone has their 'oh my god, I'm so in love with Owen Grady' period. Even some straight guys around here." Owen frowns a little. It's not exactly news to him. He tries not to lead those people on, sleeping with some of them only after they get over that. So what's wrong with that? "Zach's been doing heart eyes on you ever since I remember." Really? That's news. Sure, he noticed his looks lately, but... even back when he was sixteen? That... shouldn't be as hot as it is. "But I've never seen you looking at anyone the way you look at him."
Owen sighs and stops the water. Barry frowns a little, but stops it, too, and turns towards him. "He just turned eighteen."
"I know," he snaps, probably harder than Barry deserves. "Believe me, I know. And I'm not doing anything about it, I promise. Like you said, everyone has that period. It always passes. I'll leave him so he can grow out of it, too. I won't do anything about it."
Barry looks at him for a while, expression unreadable.
"Claire would probably kill you if you started seeing her nephew."
"I just literally promised I wouldn't go after him, so what-"
"That doesn't mean you shouldn't try, though."

Owen just gapes at him for a while.
"... What?"
"Sure, not yet. He's going to college in the fall and maybe it will change everything. But I'm pretty sure that he'll be back next summer and if nothing changes..."
Owen just gapes at him for a moment.
"Are you serious? He's sixteen years younger!"
"Yeah, sure, that's not... usual, but why not? He's not in awe of you. Not the way new people usually are. He sees your bullshit and doesn't just take it, knows how to talk back to you and doesn't let you do whatever you want. He seems to understand you probably even better than I do. Sure, he's still..."
"A kid?" Owen laughs a little, but it comes out sad and forced.
"Immature," Barry finishes, sending him an unamused look. "But then again, something more you have in common!"
"Come on!"
"But I have confidence that he will grow up, so that's good. At least one of you should."
Owen pushes him a little bit and Barry laughs. They put away the hoses, take off their shirts and get them out to dry quicker.
"So," Owen starts, a little awkwardly. "You think I should try it? Next year I mean."
"Sure, why not? Zach's great and by then he will probably be the head of our PR team."
Owen can't help the proud smile that gets on his face after that.

"He really is something else, huh?"

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