Squad Goals 16

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Fandom: Jurassic World
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The rest of the summer goes by almost quietly...

Ten minutes before the next show, everything is ready and even his shirt is dry enough again, so he puts it on and gets on his spot at one side of the bridge, hidden from the eyes of people coming to their seats. He doesn't really like the first part of the show, but if there's enough kids he can pull them into it, letting them ask questions instead of simply doing a lecture about raptors.
He's trying to peak out of his hidden spot to see if there are any kids around, when the door opens and in slips Zach, the camera still around his neck. But instead of his work clothes he's in Owen's shorts and his tank top. The shorts are too big on him, sliding down his hips and Zach is just hosting them up, but somehow that makes it so much hotter.
"Hey," Owen answers absently, before snapping his eyes back up to Zach's face. "You all set for posting?"
Zach snorts.
"Not nearly. All I've managed to do is delete the technically bad pictures. Smudged, with only

half a raptor in it and so on. I've still got hundreds of photos to pick from. I'll have to go through it after the show, but I'll probably set the post for tomorrow. I might do the Instagram post today, if I manage to select a photo for it, but... Sorry," he grins a little self-consciously. "You all ready for your show?"
"As ready as always," Owen shrugs, but doesn't look away from Zach. "Why don't you just... delegate that to your team?"
Zach moves his eyes so he's watching the crowds. Somehow, he manages to make that nervous, too.
"They're all done for today," he mutters quietly, under his breath. Owen frown.
"Really? I don't think I've seen them here." Zach looks down to his camera and starts fidgeting with it. "Aren't they supposed to be here with you? You know, helping you with your work?"
"They prefer to work from their offices in the main building."
"You can send the photos there and let them work from there."
"Like I said, they left already. Their works ends at five."
"So does yours."
Zach shrugs and Owen frowns some more.
"Zach, are they any help to you at all?"
Zach finally looks up, this time with a stubborn expression on his face, and looks right to Owen's eyes.
"And what do you want me to do with that? Go to Zigotskij, so he can laugh in my face and use it as a prove that I'm useless? Or better yet, take it to aunt Claire like the stupid kid everyone here thinks I am? Either way, everyone will laugh at me, thinking that I got the job only thanks to nepotism. I can't do that to aunt Claire!"
Owen blinks in surprise at the last part. He gets that Zach doesn't want that for himself, wants to prove himself for who he is and not for what contacts he has. He's driven enough for that. He didn't realize that part of that was on Claire's behalf.
"I didn't realize you like Claire that much."
"I don't," he shrugs. "I don't really have anything in common with her and I don't agree with a lot of her decisions. But she lives for her career. She'd never give me a spot just because I asked for it."
Owen grins at that. Zach's right, of course. He just didn't realize that Zach sees into her like that.
"Okay, but the social media can still wait. It's not like anyone knows we decided to give our girls the day of their lives, is it? So you can finish that tomorrow. What do you say about dinner at mine? Burgers and beer?"
Zach's smile turns bright and wide and Owen needs to put it on his face more often.
"Sounds like heaven."

Owen tries to talk to Zach about the amount of work he takes on himself more often, but he doesn't succeed. They have few fights about it before he gives it up and starts to simply focus on making Zach relax more often. Burgers and beer by the lake prove to be a great way for it, because it's something Zach can hardly say no to.
He falls asleep on the outdoor seat enough times that Owen actually drags out the loungers he bought some time ago so that when Zach falls asleep next time, he can simply throw a blanket across him and leave him sleep that night there. The weather is warm enough for that.
Owen tries to bring it up with Claire sometimes (the dinner they go to together once in a while would be a great time for that), but... it's not his decision to make. And if he wants to continue in this relationship in the romantic direction he needs to treat Zach as an equal who can make his own decisions. So he needs to stay out of it. As much as it hurts to see Zach so exhausted, all he can do is to make sure that he eats properly and rests enough.
Luckily, once Gray comes for the rest of the summer, Owen easily finds an accomplice in him.
Gray takes two days to see all the other shows in the park before he finally makes it to the raptors' one. He spends the day mostly with Owen, asking more and more questions and unsurprisingly, Owen's able to answer only half of them. He doesn't take a seat among the public, but he also can't stand on the bridge during the shows, which is why he hides in the spot Owen usually hides just before each show. He tries to get as close to the girls as Owen goes, as Zach can go, but the girls react nervously to him, Echo even trying to get to him in the way she hunts, so Owen quickly pushes him further away and tells him to stay there.
He doesn't see Zach that day, not even for dinner, because Zach and Gray are supposed to eat with Claire that evening.
The next day, Gray is still there, right beside Owen, but he's less focused on the raptors and more on Zach, who emerges now and again to take some photos before disappearing again.
"Shouldn't there be more people doing that job? Aunt Clair said something about his team...?" "Don't even get me started on that, kid."
So they team up and get Zach on a regular regime. Gray takes on making sure that Zach eats enough, not only lunches and dinners, but also snacks throughout the day. And that he always has some water by his hand. Owen didn't realize that the reason why Zach always drinks so much during the evening is because he forgets to drink when he's working. Who even forgets to drink?
Owen's job is to make sure that he leaves the work behind when he leaves the paddock and that he leaves the paddock in some normal time, if possible then with everyone else. Also, dinner is his job. He tries to make it more healthy than "burgers and beers" once Gray starts joining them, but he doesn't think he's that successful.
Gray adores the lake. The moment he sees it for the first time he wants to jump in and Owen has to stop him and caution him that he doesn't know how deep the lake really is.
"Well... you know, right?" Gray turns to him, all big eyes and waving lashes and Owen remains entirely unmoved. Thank God that his eyes are nothing like Zach's.
"Sure you can go swimming, just don't jump right into it. Also, stripping from your clothes is a great idea before you go there. You joining him, Zach?"
He hopes his voice doesn't betray his high hope that Zach will strip and get into the lake.

But Zach is already lounging on his lounger and shaking his head when Owen turns towards him.
"Too tired," he mutters, closing his eyes again. "Don't overexert yourself, Gray. And no swimming after dinner. We should leave soon after anyway."
And they do. Owen is just a little bit disappointed that he won't wake up in the morning to soft Zach with bedroom hair and gentle smile as he's doing breakfast for both of them. He usually feels grateful that Owen lets him sleep yet guilty that he fell asleep, so he makes breakfast and coffee for both of them, before disappearing to quickly change his clothes and get ready for the work in his flat at the complex for the employees. Not this time, though. Gray's staying with Zach for the rest of the holiday, so he makes sure they leave after the dinner.
The third time they have dinner like that, though, Gray's just not quick enough to get them both up before Zach falls asleep. He looks just as reluctant to wake him up as Owen feels, so he goes into the bungalow and gets the blanket that is now basically Zach's.
He doubts he'll stop thinking about it that way just because Zach won't be around anymore. And yeah, he's in a real trouble, but he's ready to wait and see how this goes. If, and only if, Zach comes back next summer completely over him, he'll start working on getting over it himself, but not yet.
"You can either go to Zach's yourself or stay here," Owen tells Gray quietly enough so that Zach doesn't wake up. When he looks up from where he's tucking Zach into the blanket Gray's giving him an unreadable, focused look. "What?"
"You do that often?" he nods towards Zach. Owen tries to ignore the way it makes him nervous and shrugs.
"He's usually exhausted. And that way I can be certain that he doesn't go straight back to work. Is that something everyone in your family does, overworking themselves?"
"He's got it from mum's side of the family," Gray shrugs. "But you're right. Every time we got home he went right back to his phone. Some sleep will do him good and if I wake him up now he'll just go back to work."
"Sure. Wanna take my bed?"
"Nah. The weather is nice enough and that way I can go swimming first thing in the morning, as soon as I wake up. You have another blanket?"
In short, Owen likes the new routine with Zach and Gray. He could easily get used to it. The same way he got used to his routine with only Zach.
It's a shame there's only a week of the summer left.

It's not like he's going to be bored. They need to plan another hunt (the girls are already getting agitated again) and maybe even come up with something more permanent. Claire's already looking into the possibilities of moving the girls up north permanently, but there is still the question of how to do shows up there. It is quite the way from the tourist center.

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