Squad Goals 17

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Fandom: Jurassic World
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Warning: -

Another time jump and we're back to Zach

First year of college is... chaotic. Zach loves it.
He gets a boyfriend, he fucks for the first time and he breaks up with said boyfriend. All in two

months time. Then he goes home for Christmas and doesn't tell his mother anything about it. He was going to tell her about Dan during the Thanksgiving holiday, but he didn't get to it and then he broke up with him two weeks after he got back, so what would be the point?
During Christmas holidays, mum tells him she has a new boyfriend, but he's spending the holidays with his kids and it's too early to spend Christmas together anyway. Aunt Claire drinks a glass of wine in one go before almost yelling at Zach for not telling her that his team was full of incompetent idiots. Then she sighs and apologizes for not knowing that he did all the work himself over the holidays and promises that next year will be better. He didn't even tell her he wants to go back yet and he's not sure how he feels about her just assuming.
On the other hand, she gives him a brand new phone that's even newer model than the one he had during the summer for work purposes. And this one even has slot for two SIM cards so he will be able to use it as his own and a work phone during summer. If he decides to come back.
... who is he kidding, of course he's coming back. He loves the job. And Owen is... a nice bonus.
He tries to forget about him during the rest of the school year. And he's successful, mostly. Finals help. So do other guys he meets with during the semester. He doesn't get another boyfriend again, but he has his fun. Plus, he and Dan remained friends and still have great sex now and again, so he can't really complain.
After the finals during June, he takes a week to go celebrate with some of his friends (and Dan. Three times with him. In one day, he's smug to add) before going home for a week. He meets his mother's new boyfriend there. And his kids. His two daughters. One of them is sixteen and giggling and making eyes at Zach. The other is thirteen and murmuring something about how it's unfair that she had to miss a game for that.
It takes all of five minutes for him to give up and blurt out that he's gay. He's sure he'd last longer if the sixteen years old girl wasn't playing with her long, light brown hair and leaning so close to him that her boobs were almost hanging loose from her shirt. The boyfriend just nods, saying then that Zach's mother already told him and Zach smiles at her for that. The older daughter (Agatha?) pulls back, her face sour, while the younger one (Martha. He thinks...) snorts and asks him to pass the potatoes. All in all it's not a bad evening, even though Agatha doesn't speak to him for the rest of it.
Still, he's glad to pack again and leave for the Jurassic World. And Owen is only a small part of it.
He smiles at the wallpaper on his phone, before quickly changing it. It's easy to endure the teasing of guys at college, but he doesn't know how he'd explain having Owen on his phone to his aunt. Or worse, Owen.
It's the photo he took during the big water day they did for the girls. Owen's laughing there, head thrown back, hose in his hands and shirt stretching across his wide shoulders.
Zach sighs and changes that photo to a selfie he took with Gray their last day in the park last summer.
He spends his time on the plane going through the social media sites of the park. He sighs, when he switches from Facebook to Twitter, finding all the same posts there as he did on Facebook. With some exceptions.
The raptors team took his strategy and is running with it. He knows that the people there aren't the same Zigotskij picked for him last summer, this time they're handpicked by Claire herself. And they're doing a great job, if the number of likes and shares and comments are any indicator. Raptors have the most of all of them on most of their posts. If he lingers too long on photos where Owen is visible... he hasn't seen him in a while, that's all.

It's Zara who's waiting for him on the airport and he's... actually, he's surprised by that. Aunt Claire has been there for him last year and the year before that and she's also come for Gray both times and she drove them to airport after the summer ended. So she sending Zara is a surprise. Even though he's happy to see her.
She hugs him and he laughs and hugs her right back. Zach hardly notices the man next to her clearing his throat, but she simply laughs and pulls back just enough to look him in the eye.
"You grew up again!"
"No, I didn't," he snorts. "You're lacking your usual heels."
"Oh, right. Zach, this is my husband, Mark." Only then he looks at the man standing next to them. He's a little shorter than her, even in her flats, wide shoulders and chest, dark hair short, almost shaved off, and is wearing cargo shorts and a flannel shirt with its sleeves rolled up. He's not really fitting next to Zara, in her elegant clothing... even though she's not wearing her usual work get up.
"Nice to meet you, Mark. I've seen the photos from your wedding. They're really beautiful." The man smiles then and the crinkles around his eyes make him somewhat softer.
"Thank you. Even though that was entirely thanks to Zara," he puts his hand on her waist and somehow that makes it look more delicate. Zach nods with a smile.
"Yeah. What's up with your clothes anyway? I've never seen you in anything less than some heels."
"It's my day off," she shrugs. "We finally scored tickets for the raptors show, so I can finally show them to Mark."
"You know that if you just showed up Owen would find something for you, right?"
"Sure, but the last thing I need is owing Owen a favor. You've got your suitcases?"
He's got three of them and Mark is able to lift and take all of them at once. Zach gives Zara a look and she simply winks at him, before jogging a little to catch up to him and moving her hand so it rests on his arm. Zach sighs a little wistfully before jogging up to catch up to them.
"So, what happened that you're the one picking me up on your free day?"
"She really is sorry, Zach." He rolls his eyes at that. He knows that. He might not have known that two years ago, but he does now. "Something came up. She called about an hour ago. There's some emergency she can't get out of and didn't want to leave you to fetch for yourself."
"What kind of emergency?"
He's on his phone even before he finishes asking the question, going to twitter to find out if it's something PR related.
"Stop it!" hollers Mark. "Both of you. You," he looks at Zara, "have a day off and you," he adds towards Zach, "don't start until tomorrow. Chill out. I'm sure that whatever the emergency is miss Dearing can handle it. Now come on, I wanna see some raptors."
Zach grins at that.

"Yeah, can't wait to see them, too. Do we have enough time to stop at mine to leave the bags there? Wait, do I have the same flat I did last year?"
"Actually, no. Claire moved you so you're closer to the operational center and the marketing and PR offices."
Zach makes a face at that. The last thing he wants to do is be closer to the offices where Zigotskij and the rest of the people hating him are. But it's not like he's planning to spend much time there.
They stop by his flat and leave the bags there, but then they have just enough time to catch the bus for the show Zara got tickets for.
Zach knows that the raptors moved up north. He follows the social media of the park, after all. What surprises him is how long the ride up north is. He knows he took it only once last summer, but he still didn't realize that he can forget so easily.
They grab some food to eat on their way there and once they make it out of the bus Zara and Mark go wait in the line to get to their seats, while Zach goes right to the back door, waiting for someone to come running. It never takes long around raptors paddock and he's happy to find himself inside in few minutes. The arena is different than the old one, but he still finds Owen easily enough.
He stops in his track, just watching Owen laugh at something Barry's saying. There goes his hopes of getting over Owen in the last ten months.
Then Owen looks over and smiles brightly and shit, Zach's heart really should learn to keep its calm around Owen.
"Zach! Hey, you're here early."
He jogs a little to come to him and, to Zach's astonishment, hugs him. Shit, shit, keep it together! Zach awkwardly hugs him back and when Owen starts pulling back he quickly pulls back, too.
"Yeah. Aunt Claire's busy, so I figured I'd come say hi to my favorite girls. You think I can meet them after the show?"
"Sure. What do you say about our new arena?"
"It's... nice, I guess. When did you move?"
"About six weeks ago. Claire was determined to move us after that first hunt, but there were some changes that needed to happen before we could move. It was all done about two months ago, but we needed to install the invisible fence first."
"Invisible fence?"
"Yeah. Look, I'll explain everything after the show. You wanna go sit on the seats for public, or...?"

"When have I ever sat on those when Claire wasn't around?" Zach rolls his eyes. "Just show me where I can stand without anyone seeing me and I'll be good."

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