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Fandom: Jurassic World
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The show changed a little bit. Zach loves it

There's no bridge across the arena. But there's a gate on the other side of the arena than where the bus pulls with people who come for the show. The space above the gate is free and it's also where Owen goes out to stand for the show. He looks much more relaxed than Zach remembers him from the beginnings of the shows in the past.

"Ladies and gentlemen, kids and teenagers and everyone else!" he shouts out when he gets a good to go sign from Barry, who's standing next to Zach. They're standing on the side of that space, shielded from the view of other people but still with a good view of the arena. Someone obviously made this space intentionally this time around. "I know you're waiting for a raptors show, but as you probably know, we're still not sure if our girls are turning up this afternoon. Shall I call for them?"
Owen's cheeky, in a good mood, and the kids in audience reply with enthusiasm. The gate under Owen opens then and he whistles loudly, two fingers in his mouth for that. The first whistle is long, while the second one is swift. Then he turns back towards his audience.
"I'll try that two other times and if neither of those work, we'll have to think of something else to show you to make sure you get your money's worth," he winks and the crowd laughs. Zach raises his eyebrows and turns towards Barry.
"It happened during first few shows," Barry shrugs. "We had to turn up old records from older hunts, give away some things from gift shops and even return money to some people, but the girls got used to coming back in time for their shows and we haven't had any problems in the last few weeks."
"Wow," Zach replies, turning back to see Owen working the crowd. He hated the lectures at the beginning of every show, so he turned them to a little fun, where people get to ask questions and Owen tries to answer them as best as he can. Gray got banned from that activity after the first time he turned up for a show. "They really listen?"
"To Owen, sure. He was injured about two weeks back and I tried to do one show, the same way I used to do in the old paddock. They were there, I saw them right outside the arena. But when I whistled, they just stood there before turning around and running away. Brats."
Zach chuckles at that. It takes another few questions before Owen turns away from the audience and repeats the double whistle. He gets to answer only two questions before there are screeches from outside the arena. Owen's smile gets even wider and Zach can feel himself get giddy.
"Looks like the main stars are here!"
First in the arena is Blue, of course. She screeches and sneers and runs around the empty place in front of the jungle, before calming down a little bit and screaming, high and loud. That's when the rest of them come in, Delta to stand right next to Blue, exchanging chirps with her, Charlie standing on the other side of Blue and Echo running some more circles around, screeching at the people in their seats.
There are still four screens all around the arena, so everyone can see what's happening on the free space even if they didn't get the seats closest to the free space. All screens are now displaying the free space, one focusing on the three raptors standing in the middle of it and one on Echo, the other two on the group as a whole.
"No cameras on raptors anymore?"
"You try to get them come here sooner so you can snap cameras on them," grumbles Barry, but there's a smile on his face. "It's good to have you back, Zach."
"I don't know. The team seems to have everything covered. I follow the park account... everywhere, after all."
Barry just snorts.

"Sure, whatever."
The show isn't the same way it used to be. Firstly, no one calls it a hunt anymore. They're just tracking exercises with much less meat than Zach's used to. They're also more focused on how the girls listen to Owen than anything else.
And they listen to him. He has a lot of signals for them and Zach can't follow what all of them mean, but he's impressed. Sure, the girls sneer and screech and scream at him when he gives them a command they don't like, but they listen to him. Surprisingly, they even let him decide who gets the little piece of meat they find.
"They get enough food on their hunts outside," explains Barry. "This is just... a small snack for them. A little bit of fun."
"And a show for people," Zach smirks, but nods his understanding.
The show ends with the screens getting dark and Owen saying goodbye to the people. The raptors are still in the jungle part of the arena, so the people reluctantly start leaving as soon as Owen disappears from their view, going right to Zach and Barry.
"That went well," he smiles cockily at Barry. Barry rolls his eyes.
"Whatever. We'll be checking them over in half an hour before letting them go again. Most of us won't be there for the evening, so we better get it over with now."
"What, you've got a hot date?" Owen wiggles his eyebrows and Zach snorts when he sees it, almost choking on saliva.
"Actually, yes," grins Barry. "Betty from accounting agreed to go out with me today, so I better make myself presentable before leaving."
"Sure, whatever you say. Come on, Zach, let's leave him to it. I'll show you the girls."
On their way there they meet Zara and Mark and invite them to come with them. Zara doesn't look that excited, but Mark sounds very happy about the prospect, so they all go.
Instead of the old gate there's the two-lock gate Zach's used to from the old paddock. Owen whistles, this time just one long whistle, starting high and ending low. It takes a while, but then all the girls are there on the other side, Echo screeching and running as close to the second set of bars as possible. Zach smiles and turns to Owen.
"Come on, open up the gate."
"What? Don't!"
Owen chuckles when he hears Zara's reaction.
"Don't worry, the inside gate will stay closed."
"Oh come on," draws out Zach, but it's mostly teasing. "When will you let me see Echo eye to eye?"
"Never. And," he adds to Zara and Mark, "you can always stay here. Actually, I'd feel better if you just stayed here."
With that he opens the first gate and lets Zach step in before following him and closing the gate again. By then Zach's already close and personal with Echo petting her and snuggling her head as

close to himself as is possible through the set of bars. It does weird things to Owen's insides and he thinks only part of that is worry about Zach. He's sure he'd feel better about it if he took that well to Charlie instead of Echo, but what can you do. Zach knows very well that Echo is the nastiest, most vicious of all four of them, but he doesn't care.
"Still not over your fascination with our nasty lady?"
"Never," Zach grins at him, before petting Echo for the last time and moving to Charlie. "She's my best girl."
Charlie sneers a little at that but closes her eyes a little when he moves his hand between her eyes.
"Found your best boy yet?" Owen asks, nervous and not looking at Zach from where he's petting Blue. Zach snorts.
"About a handful of them," he laughs a little. "You should meet Dan, I think you'd like him." Which was the reason why it didn't work out. Dan was too much and not enough like Owen for Zach's liking. "But... no, not really. How was your year?"
"As uneventful as can be with four raptors," he chuckles and finally looks at Zach. He's smiling at him and Owen can feel himself melt just a little.
Neither one of them notice Zara and Mark anymore. Zara is leaning into him and both of them are watching them.
"Are they... petting the deadly dinosaurs?"
"Yeah," sighs Zara, not even surprised anymore. "While doing heart eyes at each other. And I thought Jenny was exaggerating."

"She was security for the old raptors paddock. Come on, lets go before the last bus for the audience leaves and we'll be stuck here until the last show. I'm sure Zach has things to do on his own."

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