Squad Goals 19

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Fandom: Jurassic World
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Zach's not over his crush and Owen is trying to impress him. Maybe

Barry comes too soon to tell them to move it so they can check the girls out and then leave. Owen huffs, but takes Zach back up, above the gate. That way he can see behind the gate, up north for the first time.
It's beautiful. The nature out there looks almost untouched by human hand. There are fields and forests and everything in between and Zach doesn't see the end of that little natural heaven.
"It's beautiful," he breaths out, leaning on the concrete fence a little.
"Right?" smiles Owen a little, leaning his hip into the fence next to Zach. "The girls get everything from here up north to roam. They can't go south. There's a chip in their neck that paralyzes them if they try going there. Invisible fence," he grins when Zach turns to him and Zach chuckles.
"And yet they still come for those shows?"
Owen shrugs.

"They can hunt whatever they can up there, but there's not that many animals left out there. And we don't feed them nearly as much as we did in the old paddock. You saw it during the show - we used to make sure they get enough during them, but now we treat it more like... snacks. We don't keep them starving, of course, but... they have motivation to come and play nice."
Zach laughs a little, but it's quiet and soft.
"So... how exactly do you do hunts for them now?"
"There are some buildings up there. We transport animals there and on the day of the hunt let them go, so that the girls and I can hunt them."
"Girls and you, huh? So you still go out with them?"
"Yeah. I actually think that those hunts are the reason why they listen to me nowadays so well. We usually get most of the animals, but if we don't get them right away they usually stay here at north, so the girls can get them whenever they want to."
"Keeping them fed, not caged, satisfied, and fit," grins Zach. "Clever. Really clever. You think I can come with you sometimes? It could be cool to get photos from it and post them online."
Owen rolls his eyes and finally moves so he's looking at the fields behind the arena.
"You're not even working yet. Chill out for a minute. And I thought I just told you you're not getting anywhere near them where there aren't any bars between you and them."
"Party pooper," Zach mutters, but smiles at him. "So, what's new? You know aunt Claire, all the rumors of this place go right above her head. So tell me everything. But first - how and where is my old team?"
There's a mean glint in Zach's eyes and Owen has to laugh when he sees it. He can't blame him for finding joy in revenge on those three. Zach almost ran himself sick last summer, he deserves to know the epic screaming Claire did at them (Owen wasn't there for it, but it was a topic of the park's rumor mill for good two months).
They talk and laugh some more, when the transmitter on Owen's hip wakes up.
"Owen, you hear me? We're letting the girls go now."
Owen quickly takes it and replies to Barry.
"Everything alright with them?"
"Healthy as can be," comes a quick reply. "You ready?"
"Sure, let them come." With that he puts the transmitter back and winks at Zach. "You wanna see something?"
"Do I have a choice?"
"Nope. HOLD!"
Zach jumps up a little bit, but when he looks down there the raptors are, all standing as still as he's ever seen, their heads cocked and looking up at them. Zach realizes that the gate under them is still open.
"So?" Owen turns to him, all smug, self-satisfied smirk on his face. "Still don't believe me that

they listen to me now?"
Blue snaps a little then, screaming before snapping her jaw shut in Owen's direction.
"Yeah, Blue, I hear you. Yeah, okay, fine." He clicks his tongue and whistles, once and short. Echo screeches and that's the last Zach sees of them. When he turns they're running across the field, straight to the nearest forest.
"Yeah. Can't believe my own two eyes," Zach draws out, but there's laughter in his voice. Owen nudges him with his hip and Zach laughs a little.
Of course, it's then that they hear the sound of someone snapping a photo. They turn towards the space from which Zach watched the show. There stands a guy in shorts and a tartan shirt, profi camera in his pale, long fingers and a smile brightening his face. His hair is short and light, almost blond, his nose a little crooked and his ears standing out, away from his head a little. He can be in his late twenties, maybe early thirties, and he looks damn happy about the photo.
"Yes! I beat Monica."
"No, you didn't!" comes from the transmitter on his hip. "And I bet whatever you want that my photo is cooler."
"Shit," the guy swears. "To hell with it! Her Instagram has the most followers and she's been lording it over me for months now," he adds, as if it's supposed to explain anything. "I'm Carl, by the way. I lead our Facebook page. I'm a big fan of the way you divided the purpose of our social media."
"Um... thanks, I guess," Zach answers, a little confused, but shakes the hand Carl extends to him. "I didn't realize I have fans around here."
"You do!" comes from the door and Zach blinks in surprise at the girl who obviously just ran up the stairs. She's twenty five or so in a skirt and a blouse with a strap of the camera around her neck and breathing heavily from all the stairs she had to run up. Her short hair is light pink and she smiles at Zach brightly as soon as she catches her breath. "You made Zigotskij bright red on the regular. That alone makes me love you, but your strategy is actual genius. Monica, by the way," she adds, giving him her hand. "I love the way you brought people closer to the raptors, showed them how they live without telling any of the secrets we keep here."
"Yeah, well... from what I can see you continue the work fabulously. You divided who runs what site?"
"Yeah, it's easier that way. We still cooperate on it, Monica usually does a preview and small snippets of the day and I do bigger stories with more photos attached. Then there's Jon, but he's more... technical, giving away trivias about the raptors and general information for the public. It works for us," shrugs Carl, smile still on his face. Zach nods and smiles back, but it's mostly automatic.
"Looks like the three of you have everything covered," he mutters, silently.
"Yeah. I better run, wanna get this photo online before the next show. It was an honor, Zach, seriously. Hopefully we'll see each other around."
With that, Monica disappears on the stairs, closely followed by Carl.
"Hey, wait for me, you witch!"

Owen laughs, but when he turns to Zach, he stops. Zach doesn't look happy. In fact, he looks almost disappointed.
"Something wrong?"
Zach shakes himself free and turns to Owen with a smile.
"Of course not, why..."
"Stop that. You can tell me the truth."
Zach sighs and shakes his head a little.
"Sorry, you're right. It's just... I'm not needed here. They have it covered between the three of them, so I probably won't be working here anymore."
Owen frowns a little at that.
"Yeah. I mean... Those three are doing good job. They even made an office out of one of the empty rooms here in the complex. But mostly they're still running around, making photos and talking to people here. Actually, a lot like you," he smiles at him, but it makes Zach hardly move his lips.
"Yeah, I guess," he sighs. "It's just... ugh," he groans. "Zigotskij is still the boss, which means that I will probably be running like crazy for the rest of the summer. And I was really looking forward to spending some time here, with the girls." With you. "So, I guess that won't happen."
"You do know that you have normal working hours, right? As an intern you're supposed to start at nine and end at five and have your weekends free. If you want to you can be here every weekend. And we still can have our dinners."
"You still have the bungalow by the lake?" Zach asks and now he sounds much more like himself. "Even with the girls being here up north?"

"Sure. I love them, but even I need some time outside of work. Something you can learn from." "Says the guy working three shows a day, seven days a week."

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