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Fandom: Jurassic World
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Some talk about Zach's new work

There's a knocking on his door the next morning, just after he got up. He frowns a little but goes open it.
"Hey, Zach," smiles aunt Claire at him, already looking ready to face her day. "I wasn't sure what are your plans for the morning. Would you mind having a work breakfast with me? I'm afraid I have a meeting at half past nine, but we still need to talk about what your job is going to be this summer."
"Uh... sure. Just... let me get dressed first?" He has his trousers on already, but other than that he's only in his tank top. Claire smiles and nods, telling him which restaurant she will be waiting at for him.
He finishes dressing quickly, before taking his phone, his employee badge from last year (it should be activated again by now) and his wallet and walks out of the flat.
Claire already has an espresso and a glass of water in front of her, so he orders a cappuccino and

two toasts with scrambled eggs. Aunt Claire declines food, saying that she ate already.
"I'm sorry I couldn't pick you up yesterday. Or have a dinner," she sighs and Zach can see that she really is sorry.
"It's fine," he smiles a little at her. "You're busy, I get that. I'm sure you can't tell me what was wrong," he adds a little teasing. Aunt Claire smiles at him, wide and unguarded and somehow he feels really warm like that.
"You've got that right. So, about your internship. I don't think working under mister Zigotskij is a good idea for you. Or anyone else, really. And you seem really good with starting new projects. Your backstage photo was a hit and you kick started our raptors team. It turns out that the idea of having PR teams instead of just one big department is... advantageous for everyone. The raptors team has its own social media accounts and it's more popular than the general accounts in itself."
"So I am going back to the raptors team?" Zach asks with hope in his voice. Claire smiles, but shakes her head.
"No. That team works on its own and we have bigger plans. We want you to start another team. A team for herbivore dinosaurs."
Zach just blinks a few times.
"You just said that you want to make more specialized teams and then you tell me you want to start a join account for half of the dinosaurs?"
Claire rolls her eyes.
"And can you imagine what would it be like if we created a team for every type of dinosaur we have here? What would you even write about some of them all the time? The more interesting such as raptors, sure. Plus, the squad has more free reign here than any other species. What?" she asks, a little confused, when she notices his amused smile.
"You called them squad. It's official, I gave them their name." Claire rolls her eyes but smiles at him.
"Of course you did. Now, we probably will do an account of its own for pterodactyls and maybe even the Mosasaur, but what do you even post about...," she makes a pained face at that. "I forget the names of most of the herbivore dinosaurs as soon as they're properly introduced to public," she sighs, defeated.
"Yeah, I get that," chuckles Zach. "Gray can say which one is which from just one look at them, but it goes way over my head."
"Yeah. You need to figure out a way to change that."
She says that with such finality Zach's left to blink a few times. Thank God that's when the server comes again and serves him his breakfast right then.
"How am I supposed to do that?" he asks while getting some sugar to his coffee. "You said it yourself. They're not that interesting."
"That's up to you to figure out," she smirks at him from behind her cup. "You are the leader of the herbivore PR team, after all. Don't worry about Zigotskij, you're answering straight to me."

"Fine. So... you keep saying team. Who else is on the team?"
"That's another part of your job," she smiles and it's cheerful and evil all at once. "You're supposed to be the leader. Part of that is knowing who to choose for which position. Talk to people around the office. If you get some names, I'll give you access to their records here at the park. Once you select your team, take it to Zigotskij."
Zach looks up from his breakfast.
"What? That guy hates me!"
Not that he's that surprised about that. Zigotskij worked hard to get where he is, he's probably closer to fifty than he'd like to admit. Zach just... showed up and suddenly is on almost the same position. Or not, considering he leads only one team instead of the whole department, but... Zigotskij probably sees it that way.
"And that's another part of the job. You want to be someone, you need to learn how to work with people who don't like you. And you do want to be someone, don't you?"
Zach scowls at her, but sighs and nods.
"I don't suppose I could get Monica and Carl from the raptors team, could I?"
"Not a chance. Those aren't working under Zigotskij, either, and I need them where they are. If he gives you too much trouble, says no to everyone you want to get, you can bring it up to me, but only after trying to work it out with him. Now, we've got twenty minutes before we have to go so I can show you your new office before going to my meeting. Tell me, how were your finals?"

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