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Fandom: Jurassic World
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Zach's maybe a little workaholic and Owen worries

Owen doesn't see Zach at all in next few days. He figured that Zach probably didn't want to see him yet, he's sure Zach has better things to do after all. But when a week goes by and nothing changes, he decides to check it out himself. If Zach doesn't want to see him, he'll back off and get over himself. Somehow, he doesn't think that's the case, though. He hopes it's not the case.
So next Saturday after breakfast he takes his bike and goes over to the flats where employees usually stay. It's not before there's a half asleep guy Owen's never seen before opening the door he just knocked on that he realizes that Zach probably doesn't have the same flat he did last year.
"Can I help you?"
He sounds pissed and Owen really doesn't feel like fighting on his day off.
"Sorry, I knew a guy living here... a year ago. You probably don't know where Zach Mitchell lives now, do you?"
The guy looks at him as if he said something incredibly stupid. Owen smiles a little awkwardly at that and runs a hand through his hair.
"Yeah... sorry about that. Have a nice day."
He's not sure what to do after that. He could call Claire, but he'd rather arm wrestle Roberta than

ask Claire for information about her nephew. But who else...
He feels a little guilty when he calls the number. It's not like Zara doesn't have enough work during work days. But that call should be quick enough.
"What do you want, Grady?" comes a grow-y question and Owen almost regrets calling. Almost "Sorry to bother you on a Saturday. Where does Zach live now?" There's a short silence, before...
"You gotta be fucking kidding me. It's complex 2 flat 78C. Call me during my free day again and I'll chop your dick off."
"You're spending too much time with Claire."
With that she hangs up and Owen adds her to his list of "call only in case of life and death situation".
It takes only few minutes for him to make it to complex 2, flat 78C. It's closer to the offices than he likes, but he figures that it's better for Zach like that. He knocks and waits a minute, then knocks again. When Zach finally opens up, he's only in his underwear, has epic bed hair and dark circles under his eyes. And looks surprised to see Owen there.
"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be doing a show... or something?"
"It's first Saturday of the month. It's my free day."
"Oh. Good for you." Zach blinks, obviously still asleep. Owen sighs.
"When did you get to bed last night?"
"Um... three? No, that was yesterday. I think it was about two?"
Owen groans and palms his face. He doesn't think Zach's slept much more during the week. Why does he have to go for the workaholic types?
"Okay, you know what? I'm gonna leave right now and you'll get back to bed. I'll come back at noon and we'll do some lunch together. What do you say?"
"Thanks, but I should probably get going anyway. I need to-"
"Okay, no, stop. You need to sleep. It's Saturday, you've got weekends off, remember?"
Zach frowns a little, but then sighs, leans against his door, closes his eyes and nods.
"Yeah, you're right. It's just... fuck, I forgot how intense this place is. The money is nice and I like the work, it's just..."
"Hard to take a step back and realize what's important and what can be left for later?"
Zach opens his eyes in surprise.
"You know that?"

That makes Owen laugh.
"Not really. But I have adult friends. I hear it's a usual problem among them."
Zach giggles and turns red immediately and Owen has to fight a gentle smile. He does not do gentle smiles.
"Okay, fine. But I have a better idea. You give me your number and I call you when I wake up so we can set the lunch up. I kinda feel like sleeping the day away and do not want to set an alarm for lunch."
Owen gives him his phone so Zach can insert his number and text himself Owen's number with a relieved smile. That solves a lot of future problems, he assumes.
"Do you have something to eat right now? If you're that tired you should probably eat something before falling back asleep."
"Yeah, I think there's some kind of snack or something. Thanks, Owen. I guess I'll see you later." That gives Owen few hours to kill. He's not sure what to do with those.
Normally he'd go visit his girls but right now they're too far away. Sure, Zach probably won't call for another hour or two, but the way back down would take another thirty minutes at least and honestly, he doesn't want to wait that long to see Zach again.
So he goes shopping instead. With his time spent travelling between his bungalow and the raptors paddock he usually doesn't have the time to stock his kitchen. It helps that they usually order lunches and even dinners as a group at the paddock, so he doesn't have to think about food on his own. It's enough to stock on snacks on his free days.
When he's in the shop (there are more of them on the island, mostly for employees but sometimes even visitors shop there when they need or want to) stacking on his usual snacks for next two weeks (third Sundays in month are also free for him), he starts thinking about the dinners they used to have last year and buys some burgers and beers. Maybe they can forego lunch at some restaurant and just hang around his bungalow, like they used to do.
When he gets back home and puts everything away, it's only an hour later and when he checks his phone there's not even a text. So he sighs, puts on some swim shorts and goes for a swim.
It's almost noon when Zach actually calls and Owen is just getting to the good parts of the Journey to the Center of the Earth. He leaves it behind easily.
"Good morning, Sleeping Beauty."
"Hey," comes an almost shy answer. "Sorry about that."
"Nothing to worry about. You good now?"
"Yeah. Great, actually," he chuckles. "So... lunch?"
"Oh, right. How do you feel about burgers by the lake?"
Zach moans and Owen closes his eyes for a moment, letting himself imagine Zach right now. If
he's still just in his underwear, splayed on his bed...
"That sounds absolutely amazing. Something I should bring? Beer, maybe?"

"Aren't you still too young for beer?" snorts Owen. "Everyone here knows you're nineteen, no one is suicidal enough to risk Claire firing them on spot."
"Shit, you're right. Anything else I can bring?"
"Some dessert would be nice. Should I pick you up?"
"No, that's good. A walk will be good for me. I should be at yours in about an hour."
"Sounds great. I'll have the grill ready by then."
He completely forgets that promise. Jules Verne is great author, okay? And he doesn't have that much time to read usually, so it's pretty easy for him to get lost in the books he actually likes.
Zach brings ice cream with him.
"You wanted a dessert," he shrugs with a smile.
They make themselves lunch and eat it with their feet in the cool water of the lake. Zach laughs at him when he moves his seats to the lake, but when he actually sits down he sighs in pleasure.
"This might be the best idea you've ever had."
"Wait till we get ice cream out here."
They eat and talk and laugh and Owen loves every second of it.
Zach explains why he's been running himself scares once again. He's trying to find people who'd be willing to work with him while working with the system he started with the raptors team. It's hard when most people work from the one office and that office is just one room full of tables. His only luck is that on his second day Monica turned up in the office, greeted him enthusiastically and introduces him to some people around. He then spent some time talking with them, selecting five of them for his next team. Even asking them if they'd want to join that team or if they'd prefer to stay where they are. Only one of them was a little reluctant at first and Zach told him that if he ever decided that he wants the spot, Zach will try to get him a spot on the team. Which left him with four candidates for his new team. And really, he needed only two, but he knew that Zigotskij would cause problems, so better come prepared, right?
What he didn't know was that Zigotskij was going to try to put stop to all of his proposed plans. He refused to let go anyone of the four Zach asked for and when Zach asked where he is supposed to get his team members, Zigotskij just smiled and told him it's not his problem, but that he needs everyone in the office, can't afford to lose anyone.
"Which is bullshit!" Zach finishes his tirade. "Aunt Claire told me herself that I'm supposed to recruit from his people."
"And have you tried talking to her about it?"
Zach sighs and slumps back in his chair, cuddling the ice cream close.
"Not yet. But," he adds before Owen has a chance to say anything, "I already have a lunch meeting with her on Monday. I wanted to try and solve it myself. It's part of leader's job to find a way to work with people who don't like you."
Owen frowns a little at that.

"You've got that from Claire, don't you?"
"She's right, though."
"Maybe. Where it comes to managers. You're an intern. Who the fuck lets you lead anything?"
Zach frowns a little, pouting just a bit and Owen wants to get his thumb on that fat lower lip.
"I like the job," he says stubbornly, chin jutted out, ready to fight. "It's a lot, but I like it. I learned a lot about raptors last year and I hope to learn even more this year. Sharing the knowledge with the world in ways which people enjoy. And if they let me get together the people I want to I wouldn't have to do everything myself."
Owen nods, not taking his eyes away from Zach.
"Sure, all that sounds nice, but... you've got a lot of responsibility for someone who works here two months out of a year and just started college. Don't you want to just, I don't know, relax for a bit?"
"I am relaxing." Zach turns his head enough to smile at Owen, all soft and gentle eyes and God, Owen could kiss him right about now.
He really could.
As in, there's nothing stopping him. Zach's a consenting adult and by the look lingering on Owen's lips he wants that, too.
Owen even starts leaning close to him, when Zach suddenly turns to face the lake again.
"You wanna go swimming? I took my swim shorts this time around. It's really a shame I didn't get to try the lake yet and if we have the whole afternoon off, I figured we could go swimming."

Maybe next time.

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