Squad Goals 22

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Fandom: Jurassic World
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Some bonding time between Zach's team and the raptor's PR team

His fight with Zigotskij turns into an outright war.
Zach doesn't really mind, because after his lunch with Claire he got the two people he really needed for his team. And this time around, those people actually seem to like him.
There's Lucy, a twenty -eight years old girl usually in some kind of cute dress and with the sharpest questions. She gathers information about all the herbivore dinosaurs with a laser focus and determination Zach hasn't seen outside his own family yet. She takes to Twitter with ease, sharing bits and pieces of knowledge and getting in touch with Jon about different strategies for twitter.
Then there's Sarah. She doesn't like formal clothing, mostly running around in shorts and tank tops with some kind of text on it. Her humor is as dry as Sahara, her deadpan comments making everyone laugh and she tells every story in a way that it seems interesting and funny. She takes over Facebook like she was born for it. She's not that popular among mothers, but everyone younger than thirty finds her comments hilarious.
Theoretically, he's leading the team. Practically he's happy to sit back and let the two of them boss

him around. It helps that all he needs to do nowadays is go around attractions, talk to people and snap one picture after another. Sure, he and the girls need to communicate, but mostly he just snaps a lot of photos, then takes the best one and posts it online. Honestly, it's his dream job.
He's even willing to get into fights with Zigotskij every once in a while for that life. It also helps that the girls seem to really like him when he stands up to that man. He doesn't understand how a pair of such stubborn women ever caved to a man like Zigotskij, but if that's how he's gonna earn their respect, he's not going to complain.
Their media accounts don't get nearly as many followers as the raptors team have, but that's fine with Zach. In a week they're established as an official account and each have at least five thousand followers.
They even go celebrate the first successful week with the raptors PR team that first Saturday. That's how Zach meets Jon, a big man with dark skin, shaved head and an almost permanently frowning face. Zach quickly learns that he's not mean, just awkward with people. Unless he's online.
They have a great time. Monica is happy to have some girls with them for once, they dance a little and drink a lot and soon Zach feels just like with his friends at college.
"Okay, but now seriously," starts Monica after about fourth row of shots. "Are you or aren't you sleeping with Owen?"
Zach almost chokes on nothing.
"Come on, Zach," laughs Carl. "There's a pool at the paddock and I've got twenty bucks on yes."
"And I've got twenty on no," adds Monica. "So come on, which way is it?"
"I... I... what?" splutters Zach a little. Monica laughs and claps him on a shoulder.
"Told ya," she smiles at Carl.
"Wait, seriously?" giggles Sarah. "A pool? What are we, in middle school?"
"Oh, you haven't seen them, have you? Wait, you've gotta see that."
She takes the camera she took with her (it's a professional deformation, taking it everywhere with you, and Zach understands. Kinda), turns it on and quickly goes through the photos before showing something to Sarah and Lucy. To Zach's astonishment, all three of them giggle about it.
"What? You haven't even seen us anywhere together."
Somehow that makes all five of them stop and turn towards him. All of them a gleam in their eyes.
Zach slides down a little on his seat.
"I understand I am a teenager, but aren't you supposed to be more mature than that?"
"We're all in our twenties. None of us know how to adult, get over yourself."
"Now," adds Carl gleefully, "where exactly have you two been together in the last week?"
Zach rolls his eyes at them.

"We spent last Saturday together and usually have dinner together. And, you know, he's always there when I go visit Echo and the other girls. And what even is that photo?"
It's from his first day back on the island. It's taken from down below, probably the other end of the arena. And yeah, okay, the camera is very good, considering the quality of the photo and how far away Monica had to be while taking it.
The gate is still open there and four raptors stand in it, all looking up. And there, above that gate, stand Owen and Zach, looking at the raptors, but their bodies are turned to each other. Their faces aren't visible, but somehow, their stance broadcasts intimacy. Is this really what they look like to other people?
He doesn't say anything, but there has to be something in his face, because Monica takes the camera from him and smiles at him softly but teasing just a little bit.
"I'll send that one to you."
"So," draws out Sarah, "how do we get our fearless leader together with... your fearless leader."
He manages to talk them (mostly girls. Why is it always girls who want to matchmake?) out of trying to get them together.
That's not the worst outcome of that evening. The worst is that suddenly he can't just ignore those moments between him and Owen.
Before that he was able to ignore it. Shake himself and tell himself that he was just imagining things, to get over himself and stop projecting. He and Owen? Never gonna happen.
But ever since that evening, ever since that damn photo, he can't help himself but start to think that he's not the only one staring. That he's not the only one leaning closer, watching the other one wistfully.
He catches Owen watching his lips a few times, looking at his ass once or twice. And yeah, maybe he likes those pants exactly because they make his ass look absolutely amazing.
Their shared dinners are another thing entirely. Owen doesn't have those loungers of his took out again, maybe because Zach isn't as dead on his feet as he was last year nowadays. But it's hard not to remember when he woke up tucked in a blanket on those loungers when it turns late, he curls into himself and Owen brings out that damned blanket of his.
It fucks with Zach's head. He'd like to clear it again, but... his usual go-to person for that is Owen.
So when that Saturday rolls around, he goes for a lazy breakfast and then goes pet a dinosaur. He takes some photos and after getting an agreement from parents posts a collage of kids riding small dinos to the company Instagram. It's not work if he enjoys it, right?
But in the end he still finds himself on his way to the raptors paddock. On a jeep with about twenty boxes of Thai on it.
They arrive just after the two o'clock show ends. People jump on the food with enthusiasm, Monica just taking a box and winking at Zach. Before Zach can yell anything at her, Owen's there.

"Hey," he smiles and... did his smile just turn a little bit brighter as he saw Zach or was it just his wishful thinking? "I'm sorry, but we're busy today. Tomorrow's my free day, which means that today we're doing a hunt. I have just enough time for lunch before I have to check everything over before we're doing an evening show. It's earlier today, because we're leaving for a hunt almost right after the show ends."
"Hunt?" Zach smiles. "Can I go?"
Owen stops on his way and turns an unimpressed face at Zach. Zach's holding his own box Thai food and following him. He's not sure where they're going, but he's not that bothered by it. Then Owen sighs.
"Let's leave that decision for later. Come on, let's eat. How are you? I've seen you've been busy even though it's your free day."
"Oh, come on! I just spent the morning in a petting zoo and then helping kids ride baby dinos. It was fun!"
"Seriously, babe, shut up."
Owen chuckles a little, before it dies down. Zach's very careful not to look at him. Sure, it was
said teasingly. But...
Owen takes them up next to the bridge, on the place where it's so easy to hide from the public's eyes and still see into the arena. The gate is closed this time around, even though Zach can hear the girls screeching and chittering around at the other end of the arena.
They sit down on the floor, eating and after a while talking once again. It's easy to ignore all the tenseness between them like that, when it's just the two of them with the sound of Owen's raptors in the distance.
But soon after Owen needs to run and Zach is left alone with his thoughts again. Which is not good.
He walks around some, but all the people seem to be busy and he doesn't want to bother them. So instead he wanders around the halls, trying to orient himself in this new arena.
Eventually he ends up in a room where there's just one computer, but enough space for three people. The only one there right now is Monica, with her feet on the table, an empty box of Thai food next to her and a phone in her hand. Zach's just glad that she's wearing shorts instead of her usual skirts this time.
"Working hard, huh?" he asks, leaning on the doorframe. Monica jumps a little and looks up but doesn't put the phone away or put her feet down. Then she smiles at him.
"Zach! Love the photos you put online about an hour ago. Very cliché, but very nicely done." Zach rolls his eyes and sits on one of the free seats in the room. "I just happen to like all of them. Doing anything important?"
"Not right now. I already tweeted about how our today's show is earlier because of the hunt. All that's left to do is a Facebook post about today's shows, an Instagram tease about the evenings hunt and a short tweet reminding people that we're out tomorrow. We don't really do posts from the hunts anymore, mostly because we don't get any photos from it, so... that'll have to do for today."

"Looks like you've got it all covered. You rotate who gets the weekend free?"
"Yeah. Thanks to Owen's deal we have to work only every other weekend on both days, so in two weeks the three of us rotate. That way we get usually one weekend entirely free and the other one only half full. Besides, if there's something big happening we're all here either way, so not one of us is overwhelmed."
"That's... really cool." He should probably look into getting another person on the team. And he should probably talk to the girls about how to handle weekends in the meantime. He likes his free time, but he'd hate to be a burden on the girls. "Hey, do you have a free camera around here somewhere?"
She frowns a little, but nods and gets up. She goes to the cabinet that can be locked and takes out a profi camera. Then she looks at him, suspicious.
"What do you want to do with that?"
He grins at her.
"I've been working on Owen for years to let me come closer to the girls. I think I might have a chance to go hunting with them tonight. If I do, I'll take the camera and do some photos for you, so you guys can work with them."
She looks stunned for a moment, before her eyes widen and she looks radiant.
"That would be so. Cool. But you know what? Owen's right. You need to learn how to relax."
Zach frowns a little.
"He told you that?"

"He didn't need to, but... yeah. When we told him that we went with you dancing he started a whole rant about how you need to relax more." She winks at him. "Now come on. I think the show will be starting soon. I can't miss that and you don't want to, so we better go."

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