Squad Goals 23

10. dubna 2018 v 12:00 | Sandra |  Squad Goals
Fandom: Jurassic World
Pairing: Owen/Zach
Warning: -

The pack goes for a hunt. And this time, Zach tags along

The moment Owen's done with the show, he quickly goes down, to where his bike is. It's waiting for him right outside the gate on which he stands during the show, so when the crew will open it, the girls will see him already on his bike. It's a good system that seems to be working fine.
Zach's right there with him, with a camera hanging from his neck. Where did he even get a camera?
"Can I go, then?" he asks, eyes bright and his whole body almost shaking in excitement.
Owen wants to say no. He really, really does. Because if he takes him with him he'll be getting him into so much danger that neither of them can probably imagine it right. The girls aren't used to him when there's not a set of bars between them and whoever knows what they will do when they see Zach right there. It's such a bad idea on so many levels.
But how can he say no to those eyes? Besides, he wants Zach there with him. He's been thinking of him as part of the pack for quite some time now and he wants him there for the thing that became such an important part of his interaction with his girls.
To be honest, he probably made that decision a while ago. Why else bring his second helmet with him today?

"Fine. But you don't step down from the bike, hold tight to me and listen to everything I say, you hear me?!"
"Sure," Zach answers easily with a charming smile and Owen quickly turns so he doesn't have to
look at it or he'd be too distracted to ride the bike. He opens the door to the area behind the arena.
"But... the arena is this way," Zach points to the door on the other side of the hall. Owen chuckles.
"Sure, but we're not going to the arena."
With that he comes out of the door, but keeps it open for Zach. His bike is right there, two helmets waiting for them on it. The moment Zach sees it he turns to Owen, a smug smile on his face.
"Last minute decision, huh?"
"Shut up and put the helmet on."
They both put the helmet on and jump on the bike, before Owen takes the radio and tells them to open the gate. Then he starts the bike so when the gate opens they're all set to go. The girls stop in the gate and just look at them both.
He tries to ignore the way Zach's warm arm feels around his waist as he tells the people on the other side of the radio to let the animals go. Then he puts the radio back on his hip, securing it so it doesn't fall off.
He whistles once, swiftly, before clicking his tongue twice. Echo screeches and Charlie sneers, but Blue and Delta just chitter before all of them run off, Owen going after them.
Zach behind him laughs, loud and joyful and Owen simply grins and speeds up.
Zach can admit that he's a little dizzy from the speed and the proximity of Owen alone. Then they catch up to the pack, when they pull into the middle of them and they slow down once again so they're riding in the same speed the rest of them are running.
Echo's face is suddenly close enough to Zach that he's sure if he was able to stretch his arm he'd be able to touch her. She chitters softly at him, before turning so she's looking ahead once again and Zach's left there clinging to Owen and smiling so hard his cheeks hurt.
They're going somewhere. Blue is guiding them somewhere and it's exciting and worrying at the same time. Zach suddenly realizes what hunting really means. There are animals out there running around right now that won't be there as soon as the raptors get to them. And it's chilling yet so exciting because... Zach gets to see that live.
Owen stops the bike once all the girls attack some kind of animal and Zach leans back, takes the camera from his back (the strap is long enough to be able to manipulate it enough so that it's safe there during the ride. Or as safe as it can be while he's on the bike and there are four raptors around him) and starts taking as many photos as he can. Owen snorts when he sees it but doesn't say anything else to that.
The raptors make a quick process of their first catch and soon enough they're moving again. The only warning Zach gets is Owen leans to take the handle of the bike again. As soon as he gets the camera out of the way and his arms around Owen's waist again they're running with the girls again.
That process repeats itself three or four times. Owen murmurs quiet explanations to him (what is it they just caught, mostly deer, doe and now and then some rabbits, why it's so easy to catch a deer

but a little trickier to catch a rabbit, things like that), but mostly they keep the silence, interrupted only by the sound of the camera.
But it starts getting darker and Zach doesn't want to use a flash, so soon it's only them, the girls and the rest of the nature.
After a while, they get to the point where Echo plays with a rabbit of her own and Delta, Blue and Charlie managed to cage a whole flog of ducks between the three of them and are playing with them at the moment. Owen sighs and gets off the bike, careful not to punch or kick or otherwise harm Zach.
"They're full now," he explains with a fond smile. "They just want to play with their prey. They'll probably be at it for some time. We can get comfortable in the meantime."
Zach gets off the bike, too, but instead of sitting on the ground he lets Owen put the bike on the stand and then leans carefully back, so he's mostly standing but still being supported by the bike. Owen chuckles and shakes his head a little but follows Zach's example soon enough.
It's almost entirely dark by that point and they're in the middle of the field, trees only somewhere in the distance. When Zach looks up the night sky is perfectly visible, the stars shining bright up there. He smiles when he sees it.
"I worry about Echo sometimes," Owen starts quietly. Zach looks back down and straight at Owen, but Owen is watching Echo torture the poor rabbit. "Blue and Delta formed their partnership early on and Charlie was always the baby of the group. She herself took a special interest in Blue and Blue replied in kind. Sure, not exactly gently, but... you know, tough love," he smirks a little, the proudness of his girls clear in his stance. "But Echo... she was always a little too... much, I think, for the rest of them. She was never able to get into or mimic the partnership between Delta and Blue. So she challenged Blue in everything they did. Eventually it turned into the fight for dominance and... when she lost, I was afraid she'd be ostracized. She isn't, not nearly, but... she never found the kind of partnership in the girls that they found in each other. Not even in me or Barry. That's maybe on us. But you..." He suddenly turns to look at Zach and Zach almost stops breathing for a while under the heavy look of devotion and appreciation in Owen's eyes. "She took to you like nothing I've ever seen before. And you didn't disappoint. Every time you turn up, you go greet her, petting her and paying attention to her in a way she clearly needs. It might take you some time in some cases, but... you never overlook her, always paying special attention to her. Thank you."
Zach feels a bulge in his throat and it's hard to just swallow it.
"It's nothing. I like her. I like spending time with her."
Owen smiles and his eyes get much lighter.
And there it is, the magnetic pulling between the two of them. Zach swears Owen's now watching
his lips and they're leaning close and...
Echo screeches right next to Zach's face and then nudges him to his shoulder, hard enough to make him fall. Owen's there to steady him, thankfully, but the mood is already dead.
Echo nudges him once more and Zach groans and raises his hand so he can pet her. She preens a little, closing her eyes just a bit and leaning into his touch. Zach chuckles then.
"Yeah, Echo. It's nice to finally properly see you, too. See?" he turns toward Owen, his hand still

on Echo and Owen kinda wants to kill him for the heart attack that gives him. "No eating of Zach. Right, beautiful?"
Echo sneers gently (is that possible? How is that even possible?) and... makes a move that on anything that wasn't a raptor would be cuddling closer to Zach. But then she pulls away, chitters softly and runs to the rest of her pack. Zach watches as Charlie welcomes her to the group before they both go back to torturing the flock of ducks, now much smaller than few minutes ago.
Zach loves Echo, he really does. But right about now he'd like to kill her.
"So," he breaths in, deeply, before turning back to Owen, "where were-"
Owen's hand is on the back of his neck, pulling him close and slightly up, to hot, hungry lips that suck on his in a manner that makes him moan. He pushes closer to Owen, pulling on his shirt to get him even closer. And Owen sneaks an arm around his waist, pulling him up, to his toes, but more importantly right to Owen's chest. Zach opens his mouth and Owen doesn't wait for more, simply slips his tongue out, but the only thing he does is run it along Zach's lower lip before tugging it slightly with his teeth.
The kiss goes on, heavy and dirty and everything Zach ever wanted, ever dreamt about.
When they finally part, Owen just squeezes him even tighter, resting his forehead on Zach's. Zach opens his eyes, still a little glassy, looking at Owen, but Owen has his own eyes closed, breathing heavily and seemingly not even noticing that he's mostly supporting Zach's weight. Zach's still on his tip toes and is starting to feel the way his muscles are all tense.
"Owen?" he murmurs, as quietly as he can. Probably too quietly considering it doesn't move Owen even a bit. "Owen."
That's the trick. Owen opens his eyes and looks at him for a moment, before quickly letting him go and stepping back.
"Sorry. What?"
"Nothing," he says quickly, clutching Owen's shirt in his fist even tighter. "It's just... My feet kinda hurt from the whole standing on tip toes thing," he grins a little embarrassed. Owen snorts and lays his forehead on Zach's shoulder.
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it to happen like that."
That only makes Zach smile even harder.
"You meant for it to happen?"
Owen stands up and gives him a serious look.
"We need to talk about this."
That makes Zach wake up a little bit, seriously afraid.
"This... isn't some kind of... pity kiss before letting me down, is it?"
Owen moves his hand to Zach's cheek and pulls him for another deep kiss. Zach's not sure if that one is longer or quicker, either way it's even more intense than the first one.
"Does this feel like a let-down, Zach?" he purrs, amused. Zach can feel himself go red in the face

but refuses to give in to it and look down.
"No. It doesn't. Do it again?"
Owen smirks, that small smile that's simultaneously smug, arrogant and just a touch gentle somehow and leans closer again.
That's when there's a screech too close to them again and they quickly look to the side. Blue's there, only few steps away from them, with the rest of the group just behind her. There's also a dead doe between Zach and Owen and the four of them. Blue chitters some more, cocking her head to a side, looking at the doe and back at them again.
"Okay. What's going on?" Zach asks slowly, letting Owen pull away a little bit more, but to his relief Owen's keeping an arm around his waist.
"I think this is their way of including us in the hunt. That and basically telling us that we're useless at it, but, you know. It's a loving gesture. Mostly."
"Did they do this before?"
"Yeah. Usually with a goose, though. Or a hare. Did you know that hare tastes great?"
"You know how to skin it? How?"
"YouTube," Owen shrugs, amused. "But I don't think I can take a doe with me on the bike to the bungalow. Certainly not with both of us on the bike."
Zach nods and leans closer to Owen almost automatically.
"What about cutting a part of it? That should satisfy the girls, right?"
"Hopefully. I've never had this problem before." With that he squeezes him once before letting him go. "You stay right here, okay?"

"No, I'm going to run away with the next raptor trainer that comes around on his motor bike," Zach rolls his eyes. "Anything I can do to help you?"

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