Squad Goals 24 - THE END

12. dubna 2018 v 12:00 | Sandra |  Squad Goals
Fandom: Jurassic World
Pairing: Owen/Zach

The kiss was... nice (and that's an understatement), but now it's time for an adult conversation

By the time they come to the bungalow it's completely dark. Everything is silent and once Owen stops the engine it gets almost too silent.
Zach's not sure what to do with himself. He's never been around the bungalow like that. Sure, he fell asleep there regularly last year, but... that's not the same.
Owen takes the (big) part of doe he cut up north and smiles at Zach nodding for him to come along.
The bungalow is really small. Just a small kitchenette, a table with two chairs and a bed. Admittedly, the bed is pretty large, but it's the only real luxury Owen has here, so he's not that bothered by it.
He takes the meat to the kitchen. It's mostly just meat now, he skinned it on the spot and he avoided the bones, so all he has to do is get it to some containment and to the freezer.
Zach stays close to the door, watching Owen closely as he puts the meat away.

He wasn't afraid until just then. The ride back wasn't exactly short, but he spent it plastered close to Owen's back, so he can't really complain.
He puts the camera on the table before moving his eyes back to Owen.
But now... Owen's not looking at him, instead erratically going through the motions.
He tries to stay calm, but... shit, he's been crushing on Owen for over two years and he feels like it's all falling down around him and it's starting to freak him out.
"Sorry about that," starts Owen talking suddenly, still not looking at Zach. "I need to put it away as soon as possible. You want something to drink?"
"Yeah, no, I'm good." He could leave it that way. It's what his mother would do. ... And then spend the night silently judging his father for not understanding her silence. "You're just... freaking me out here."
That makes Owen stop and look up at him.
"Okay. Sit down. I'll be with you in a minute."
Zach listens and sits down, looking back down at the table. There's still the camera. He's too nervous to start it and go through the pictures (small part of him urges him to go and delete the technically faulty photos and screen for the best ones, at least for Instagram), but he can still fidget with the strap.
Next thing he knows two classes of water are set on the table and there's a warm hand on his thigh. He looks up and smiles a little tightly at Owen. That doesn't ease the worry out of Owen's face.
"There's nothing else than water and beer right now. I was planning to go shopping tomorrow. And I don't think beer is a good idea at the moment."
Owen grins at him, but Zach's try to return it doesn't end well. Owen sighs and leans back, pulling his hand away from Zach's thigh.
"Talk to me, Zach."
Deep breath.
"Okay, fine." And out. Then he finally looks Owen in the eyes. "I have no idea how this works.
My longest relationship was literally two months long. And talking wasn't our strong suit. And...
honestly, I don't think I cared about him that much. And I do care now. About you. I mean..."
Deep breaths. In and out. In and...
"... out. That's it, babe, come on."
When he opens his eyes Owen is kneeling in front of him, his hand on Zach's neck and it's a painful reminder of his first kiss. He quickly grabs that hand, not wanting him to pull away the same way he did... two years ago now.
"Sorry," he gets out, embarrassed, but smiling softly. "It's just... relationships are complicated and... shit, this is a relationship, right? I mean, this isn't just..."
"A one night stand or a one time fling or anything else meaningless. Not any of the above."

Owen's eyes are gentle and kind and Zach kinda hates him for it, because that's how everyone looks at him when they're about to tell him how young he is. But Owen simply moves his thumb a little on Zach's cheek and smiles a little wider. "I don't know if this is going to last. Honestly, my history kinda indicates that it won't, but... that's not what I wanna talk about," he shakes his head quickly, before turning back to Zach. "I'm sixteen years older than you, Zach. Are you sure this is what you want?"
Is he sure? He's nineteen! He just finished his first year of college and still doesn't know how to get up after his alarm first rings. He's not sure about anything.
"No, I'm not. But I wanted to try this, try you and me, for more than two years now."
Owen blinks in a slight surprise.
"Two years? Wow, that's a lot."
"You telling me? After that first kiss you made me go through?"
Owen's smirk is back in full force after that.
"That was a pretty good kiss."
"Yeah, thanks for spoiling me for every other kiss I've ever had." He frowns a little, thinking. "Till now I mean. Wow, is every kiss from now on going to be better and better?"
Owen's grin is amused and fond and arrogant all in one and Zach can't look away. "I can promise to try my very best."
And then there's more kisses and Zach's brain turns into a mush. Next time it turns back on, he's somehow sitting in Owen's lap, thighs on either side of his hips and one of Owen's hand in his hair.
"Okay. You either need to stop doing that or do that enough so that I'm used to it by the time I have to see other people."
Owen laughs and it's deep and rumbling through his chest and Zach can feel that against his own chest and yeah. He could spend the rest of his life right here.
"That's a big talk from someone who was hyperventilating just a moment ago."
Zach pouts a little and punches him lightly. Owen smiles at that.
"It's late, but... let's recap, okay? We're together, it's official and exclusive."
"I don't remember talking about that just a minute ago," Zach teases a little, opening another button on Owen's shirt. Owen swats his hand away and growls a little, but when Zach looks up he's smiling at him.
"Stop distracting me, pretty. And if you have any objections you better voice them now. I don't share well. Just ask my girls."
Zach laughs, but nods.
"That's fine by me. As long as it's applied both ways."
"Of course! God, kid, who were you dating?"

"Not like that, idiot," snorts Zach. "He wasn't that kind of person. Just... you know, figured," he smiles a little shyly. "How official do you wanna make it?"
"What do you mean?"
"Obviously there's a pool at the paddock about whether we are together or not. Also, do you really wanna face aunt Claire... possibly tomorrow morning?"
Owen makes a pained face at that and Zach does laugh aloud this time.
"Let's just say that it's official between the two of us right now. We'll take tomorrow to truly enjoy each other and after that leave it to a chance. Claire will castrate me either way, so let's just... actually, can you talk to her first?"
Zach chuckles, but nods.
"I have breakfast with her on Monday."
"Really?" Owen pulls a face at that. "Monday morning? That early?"
"Do you want her to find out by the rumor mill?"
"Claire never listens to rumor mill."
"Zara does. And I'm pretty sure Claire would be the first Zara tells this."
Owen groans and rests his forehead on Zach's chest. Zach chuckles and moves his hands to Owen's hair, running his fingers through it.
"I'm dead."
"She won't kill you. I won't let her."
"Great. Castrated then. Can you live with a castrated man?"
"She won't castrate you."
"She might."
"She won't.
Owen pulls back and smiles at him.
"Okay, fine. Whatever you say. So that's official, exclusive and not bothered by who knows but letting your aunt know ahead in interest of my continued health. Something else you want to know or can we move this to bed?"
Zach had to make an overeager, too excited face or something, because the next thing he knows Owen is laughing. Again. And seriously, shouldn't Zach be insulted by that?
"Not like that, little man. I'm tired and you need to sleep, too. We'll definitely come back to that tomorrow, though."
Zach falls asleep in only his underwear, equally naked Owen splayed over him, fitting perfectly between his legs and laying partly on him, just the right amount so he isn't too heavy on him and yet Zach feels his weight perfectly good. Owen's nose is tucked to Zach's neck and it feels like heaven.

It's his fourth time on the island, technically, and he's only nineteen, but he knows that if it's up to him, he'll happily spend the rest of his life right here.


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